A quick guide to men’s wellbeing


There is an overload of information floating around about health and wellbeing. Like many things in life keeping it simple can be most practical and most effective. Natural health for prevention and maintenance can be simple and has yield results with a minimum of fuss.

Step one: A healthy diet
The best start is to cut out white flour, white sugar, refined foods and alcohol. Eat lots of fresh produce.

Step two: Exercise
Not doing any sports or weekly exercise? Think about walking up the stairs instead of taking the lift or go for a walk at lunch time (Hamilton has amazing city walks). You know what to do.

Step three: Water
Are you drinking enough water? Get a sipper bottle – make sure you refill it three times a day. Too hard?  Drink a glass of water before every meal, every coffee/drink, before a shower/bath and sleep.

Step four: Smile
Take a breath before getting stressed/angry or sad. Maybe the situation does not need raised blood pressure, fight or flight reduced adrenals and a bad/sad day. If it does deserve it – move on from it. Otherwise the only damage being done is to yourself.

And finally:
Take a daily supplement for wellbeing, digestion and energy. My personal favourites are Biostrath, Lifestream Multi and Himalayan Clay.

Monica van de Weerd is a well respected Waikato based beauty therapist and aromatherapist, with an impressive knowledge of natural health and wellbeing. She and husband Frans (a qualified physiotherapist, homoeopath, craniosacral therapist and bowen therapist) are committed to living a naturally healthy lifestyle. www.naturallyhealthy.co.nz


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