About Dr Libby…


The ability to ‘drop a name’ is usually only afforded to superstars with something of a global following; think Prince, Madonna, Oprah, Dr. Oz …. and closer to home, Dr Libby.

The vibrant biochemist and speaker is widely known by her first name, Dr Libby (Weaver) and is passionately committed to helping people achieve and maintain ultimate health and wellbeing.

As one of Australasia’s leading nutritional biochemists, the author and speaker splits her time between New Zealand and Australia.

“My mission is to educate and inspire, enhancing people’s health and happiness, igniting a ripple effect that transforms the world,” she says.

And while it may be tempting to raise a sardonic eyebrow at such a bold statement, Dr Libby is in fact something of a superwoman and hearing these words come from here doesn’t seem out of place.

Some people have a unique and contagious effervescence about them; an x-factor that compels you to want to be around them and  an energy that truly inspires and motivate; meet Dr Libby.

With an extraordinary ability to relate to all demographics, from all walks of life, this a dynamic and highly experienced presenter seems to be able to successfully educate nine people in a boardroom or 9,000 people on a stage alongside America’s Dr Oz.

She is an eight times number one bestselling author of the books Accidentally Overweight, Rushing Woman’s Syndrome, Real Food Chef, Beauty from the Inside Out, Real Food Kitchen, Sweet Food Story, The Calorie Fallacy and Exhausted to Energized.

And her latest release, Women’s Wellness Wisdom, although barely is the ink dry on the pages and already this book is in hot demand.

With a background in biochemistry and a natural ability to break down even the most complex of concepts into layman’s terms, Dr Libby’s health messages are globally relevant, which is why her holistic approach and unique form of education is embraced by audiences across the world.

Her PhD examined the biochemical and nutritional factors in children with autism, and her findings have since changed the way the condition is treated in Australia and New Zealand.

Armed with abundant knowledge, scientific research and a true desire to help others see their own light and beauty, Dr Libby empowers and inspires people to take charge of their health and happiness.

It’s no surprise Hugh Jackman and Deborra-lee Furness described her as a “one stop shop in achieving and maintaining ultimate health and wellbeing.”


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