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sarahcambhalfAs the eyebrow continues to be the mostly hotly contested facial beauty feature around the globe, with models, actresses and we mere mortals vying to achieve the perfect brow, Hamilton woman Sarah Ord has honed her natural creative talent and evolved a business around her passion for symmetry, beauty and the perfect brow arch.

Arch Angel has become something of an overnight sensation, with Sarah amassing fans around New Zealand, and Hamiltonians flocking to her home-based salon in their quest for perfect brows.

Admittedly I was a little dubious as to just how much impact the lowly brow could hold responsibility for. However a quick and painless tweeze under Sarah’s experienced hands, and with a few subtle tweaks, I finally saw the wonder of the perfect brow. Right there, on my very own face.

When she is not busy coaxing brows into shape, Sarah is a busy mum to her 17-month-old daughter and credits running as her form of stress relief.

“I was never particularly athletic growing up but dad and my brother were always keen runners.”

Sarah has joined their ranks and now she and her brother enjoy a competitive race to the finish line every time they train or run events together. With five half marathons under her belt, Sarah recently achieved her goal of running the Cambridge half marathon in under two hours.

“I’d always missed that by just a few minutes so was thrilled to cross the line in under two hours last weekend,” she says.

Next on her hit list is the Hamilton half marathon in October.

topbrowtipsHow did you become involved in this industry?
As a teenager of the 1990s I fell victim to the pencil thin eyebrow trend. At 14 years old, I thought my ‘ant lines’ were cool and I was ‘cool’. At 18, it dawned on me that my eyebrows did nothing for my face shape and I wanted my beautiful, bold arches back.

That’s when the obsession really began. I got seriously good at filling them in so that they appeared ‘thicker’ without looking unnatural. I managed to fool everyone.

“Wow, I love your eyebrows, they’re perfect.” If only they knew. I was simply a talented eyebrow artist. So it would be fair to say that my eye for design and my perfectionism played a huge part in my success as an eyebrow artist. What was once an unhealthy obsession for perfect brows helped form my career.

What keeps you passionate about it?
My bad experience helps keep me passionate. I don’t want young women to do what I did and spend years rehabilitating their eyebrows. I encourage my clients to embrace their natural beauty and show them how to apply eyebrow cosmetics so that their arches frame and complement their face shape, not change it.

Why are eyebrows so important? Why not just leave them be?
Eyebrows quite literally, say a lot about a person. Maintaining, grooming and filling in your brows correctly is as important as the clothes you choose to wear and how you style your hair. Not only are your arches a form of self-expression, but they help complete your look. In fact, well-groomed brows trump lippy (there I said it!). If your brow game is strong then you can opt for less makeup. Just a little blush and lip gloss will do.

What are the most common mistakes people make?
The most common mistakes I see include arching their eyebrow too early (the peak should be approximately two thirds of the way along the brow line) and removing too much hair between their eyebrows making them appear too far apart. This is due to taking the inside measurement from outside of the nostrils, rather than bridge of the nose.

Give us some easy tips for beginners?
Wild, unruly brows are better than badly tweezed cookie-cutter brows. Don’t be a bathroom butcher, surrender your arches to a professional.

What tools of the trade do you recommend?
The Billion Dollar Brows Brow brush for grooming/blending, brow powder and brow gel for polished perfection. These three products will ensure brows that wow!



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