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When should I get my bike serviced?

From the team
at Evolution Cycles

One of the most common questions we’re asked is when should I get my bike serviced? We recommend a complete service every 12 months, as well as a minor check-up with each change of season. However, it really does depend on how often you ride and what kind of conditions you are riding in. Heavy use, or riding through rain, sand, mud and dust all mean more frequent servicing to ensure your bike is in optimum condition. It’s best to look out for when your bike might need a service.

bike-care-trekSigns that your bike is due for a service:
There are many more signs than those below, however, these are the most common we have encountered.
–    A squeaking chain can be a sign of insufficient lubrication.
–    Grinding, skipping or clicking noises from the gears indicate that they need adjustment.
–    Your bike chain should never fall off the sprocket; if it does, your derailleurs may need adjustment.
–    Your brake should engage smoothly and quietly, with only a short pull on the lever.
–    Any rattles, wobbles or creaks should be investigated early; usually it’s an easy fix, but best to catch it early!

If you notice any of these signs, it’s likely that your bike is need of a service or just a quick tune-up. Just like your car, prevention is always better than cure so we recommend doing an ABC-quick check every time you ride. In addition to this, it’s also best to do weekly and monthly checks to help your components last longer. Our guide below will help:

ABC – Quick check
–    Air – check the air in your tyres. We recommend a floor pump at home with a gauge to get the tyre pressure right and quickly. Mini-pumps are best for taking with you on the road!
–    Brakes – make sure your brakes are working right
–    Chain – make sure this is clean and lightly oiled. We recommend a quality lube such as Rock’n’Roll gold and ca chain cleaner.
–    Quick Releases (or bolt-on axles) – ensure these are done up right and tight

Every week
–    Do a thorough check of your air pressure using a pump
–    Check your tyres for wear, cuts and grazes, and replace if necessary
–    Check brake and gear cables for rust or fraying, and replace if necessary
–    Check your pedals and cranks to make sure that they’re tight
–    Listen to your chain turning through the gears – are the gear shifts crisp and accurate, and is the chain quiet?

bike-care-trek-2Every month
–    Check that your wheels are true and straight
–    Lubricate brake levers, derailleurs and cables
–    Check and lubricate your pedal cleats (if applicable)
–    Check all the other bolts, such as those in crank, seatpost, handlebars, stems, brakes and gears
–    Inspect the bike frame and components for any dings, dents, cracks or scratches – giving the bike a thorough clean is sometimes the best way to do a detailed check, and it gives you the chance to get your bike looking bright and new!

If you notice any issues as part of the every ride, weekly or monthly check over, it may be a sign that your bike is due for a check-up.


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