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How it Works: The Dad
Jason Hazeley, Joel Morris, Penguin Books NZ, $21

Proof at last that the highly collectible Ladybird books aren’t just for kids. This tongue-in-cheek insight into a dad’s life is sure to have you chuckling. It’s brilliantly funny and cheeky, making possibly the perfect Father’s Day gift. Use it as a guide to understand the realities of just how dads’ minds work. This is just one in a series on topics which include other delights such as The Mid-Life Crisis, The Hipster and The Shed.

The Kiwi Pair
By Hamish Bond and Eric Murray, Penguin NZ, $40

Two of New Zealand’s most legendary rowers, Eric Murray and Hamish Bond, were hardly back on NZ soil from their Rio Olympics glory (gold is the only colour they know), when extracts from The Kiwi Pair hit headlines. And yes, it’s just as good a read as it promises, offering a fascinating insight into the vastly different minds of these two supreme athletes. And as remarkable as they are on the water, they should also be cherished for the many other facets of their personalities. I sat down for a quick flick through the book, but quickly absorbed and read it through from beginning to end. And now my son has commandeered it. Which is just fine with me. This Kiwi pair are two mighty fine role models for any teenager – or adult.

Starlight Stables
Soraya Nicholas, Puffin $15.99

Having grown up on a diet of horsey books by the Pullein-Thomson sisters, it’s been quite a while since I’ve come across a modern day version with same appeal. New Zealand author Soraya Nicholas may be the answer. Her previous award-winning romance novels have already gained her quite a following of fans, and the Starlight Stables series is sure to appeal to horse-mad youngsters of all ages. With enough horsey knowledge in there to satisfy those who know the difference between a fetlock and forelock, there’s plenty of fun tales around the antics of three horse-crazy friends, intertwined with universal themes of friendship, peer pressure, loss and bereavement.

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