If you’re hoping for some chill out and relax time this summer, what better way than to indulge in a new cookbook. Modern cookbooks are visually inspiring, packed full of personality and information – oh, and then there’s the recipes. Our recommendations are below.

Grown & Gathered
By Matt & Lentil Purbrick
MacMillan, $49.99

With a popular movement towards growing, gathering, and cooking your own food, this book is timely in that it is packed with information, advice, and projects to inspire even the most humble gardener. Fortunately, it is also peppered with the personality of its authors, who sum up life beautifully with their opening words: ‘the thought of writing this book has always scared us because what we know today will change tomorrow’. Best chapter in my view is ‘planning your garden for a year-round harvest’ ensuring green goodies and seasonal produce every month. The second half of the book is dedicated to recipes, from fermenting and sauces to making your own nut and seed flours and treats such as soured wholegrain doughnuts.

Jay & Sarah
Fresh and Affordable Family Food
Penguin, $45

With three children under nine, keeping the family nourished and excited about food has become source of passion (and pride) for Jay and Sarah. The Kiwi couple rose to popularity on My Kitchen Rules NZ, with their focus on fresh, real ingredients. The beauty of this book is in the everyday recipes – forget about saving the tasty treats for a special occasion. Fuel your family with goodness every day. Delicious family favourites like spaghetti and meatballs without all the pre-packaged nasties.

Rick Stein’s Long Weekends
Rick Steins
BBC Books, $65

I’m a long time fan of Rick Stein and could happily listen to his culinary adventures all day. His distinctive voice comes to life on the pages of Rick Stein’s Long Weekend;  and I mean it in the nicest way when I say the book is as much a travel inspiration as it is a foodie inspiration. Journeying to various corners of the globe for mouthwatering recipes, Rick’s insights into various local produce is as intriguing as his descriptions of his destinations. While the recipes are glorious, with such discoveries as hake with Seville oranges and saffron; Icelandic langoustine soup and Viennese gulasch with spatzle; his colourful descriptions of the places he visits and people he meets will surely ignite your wanderlust.

Real Food Everyday
Caralee Caldwell, $33

Whangarei based food blogger Caralee Caldwell is the driving force behind and  has a massive following around the world. Real Food Everyday is her second book, dishing up an impressive serving of gluten, dairy and refined sugar free recipes. Her philosophy is to cut out processed food and use only real ingredients provided by nature. Highly topical, but the beauty of this book is how quick and simple her recipes are. It’s the perfect book for a clean delicious summer.

Clean Bakery
By Carine Claudepierre
David Bateman, $59.99

Life without foodie treats is pretty dull  and this gorgeous book is a treasure trove of goodies which can be enjoyed without guilt. Born and raised in France, Carine’s parents managed a candy factory, so her childhood was full of sugar. When diagnosed with pre-diabetes she used her skills as a research scientist to develop innovative recipes free of refined sugar and dairy. The result was an impressive global following. This wonderful book dedicated to clean baking is packed not only with inspiration, but is also wonderfully informative. Merci Carine.

Marlborough Man
Allan Scott with Eric Arnold

If you have even a basic knowledge of New Zealand wines, you’ll be familiar with Marlborough winemaker Allan Scott. His name appears on more than 1.5 million bottles of wine sold around the world each year, and he boasts more than 40 years in the industry. The one-time shearer became something of a wine-industry trailblazer when, out to impress his father-in-law, he was one of the first to put a spade into the stony Marlborough soils and plant grapevines. Despite early days of trial and error (and vines planted the wrong way up), he went on to forge a reputation as a pioneer of the New Zealand wine industry. However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing, and with journalist Eric Arnold, Allan Scott shares fascinating insights into the industry and his journey.

The Revive Café Cookbook 6
Jeremy Dixon
Revive Concepts Limited, $30

Aucklander Jeremy Dixon has an interesting history with food, from working with Sanitarium Health Food Company marketing Weet-Bix to opening one of New Zealand’s earliest ‘healthy’ cafes, Revive in Central Auckland. This is his sixth cookbook, featuring favourite recipes with a focus on vegetarian food, wholegrains, plant-based protein, and virtually no processed sugars or flours. Recipes are refreshingly straightforward and most are gluten-free. Packed with fresh produce, this is an ideal book to spark some summer creativity and introduce you to the versatility of ingredients such as spelt flour, agave, and amaranth. Give it a try – you may be pleasantly surprised.

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