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Our favourite books this month

While there’s always a world of information and inspiration just a keyboard click away, there’ s nothing quite like relaxing with a book in your hands. Especially if they are Kiwi and Australian authors. This month the Fitness Journal team is reading:

happycookbookThe Happy Cookbook
Lola Berry (MacMillan RRP$39.99)
Vibrant, colourful, wholesome and fun; Lola Berry truly does have a knack of adding a sense of joy and a little extra sparkle to life. This is more than a cookbook packed with wholefood recipes. It is an inspiring and gently thought provoking journey into wellbeing, natural beauty and honouring yourself. Lola is a popular Australian nutritionist and it is a delight to discover her personality in the pages of this stunning book. Treat yourself.


onedishOne Dish Dinners
Penny Oliver (Penguin RRP$40)
With today’s demanding lifestyle, there’s something oddly soothing about this gem of a cookbook. Penny Oliver shows that cooking fabulous meals doesn’t require complicated recipes and  using every pot and pan in the house. Deliciously tasty recipes including zesty summer salads, hearty soups, sweet desserts; all cooked in one easy dish and packed with flavour. This is a great gift for your or a friend (or two).


going paleoGoing Paleo
Pete Evans with Nora Gedgaudas (MacMillan RRP$39.99)
Rarely has a food book been so long waited for. Chef Pete Evans has become the poster boy for the Paleo lifestyle with a global following. Going Paleo offers a wealth of advice on his way of eating and includes a five-week kickstart programme as well as delicious recipes, smoothies and pantry advice. Not just a cookbook, Pete shares his thoughts and passion about food and insights into all things Paleo. Even if you don’t want to follow the Paleo movement, there are delicious recipes and it is fascinating reading.


aaroncrudenThe Beginner’s Guide to Rugby
Aaron Cruden (Random House RRP$34.99)
The foreward for this book is written by Waikato Chiefs coach Dave Rennie and sums up much of what makes Aaron Cruden so unique. From cementing himself as a New Zealand rugby superstar to his battle with cancer, in this book Aaron shares the highlights of his junior and professional rugby careers, along with the skills and tricks to help educate future rugby stars. This is one the whole family will enjoy. Aaron will be signing books in Hamilton on Monday, April 6 at The Warehouse, (The Base, 12.30-1pm) and Penny’s  Bookstore (Westfield, Chartwell,  3.30-4pm)


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