Coping with pre-Christmas stress


At this time of year, when it comes to natural health there is one main topic we receive inquiries about. You might think it is weight loss or detoxing, and while these are high on the list, the most queried ailment is exhaustion and stress. Often leading to sleeplessness.

This time of year seems to be a time – every year – that we feel burnt out. Our adrenals, nervous system and mind are overloaded. This leads to brain fog, no energy and sleep disturbance due to mind talk and mood changes.

When the body is in this state there are a few ways you can support it to get through.

Go to bed early
Not something you want to hear at this time of year. But try to get to bed by 10pm. Your body really can cope better with the right amount of sleep.

Drink water regularly during the day
Add some non-sugar-based electrolytes.  Being hydrated allows the body to function better, as well as removing daily toxins and allowing the blood to not become congested. Brain fog is also lessened in the afternoon if you are hydrated.

Eat regularly before you are hungry
And stay away from the sugary processed food. Too hard? Think of smoothies. There are wonderful, healthy, easily absorbable choices on the market. High energy, nutritional and good tasting. Our world just got a lot smarter. We have great tasting superfoods in abundance which can be added to smoothies. And they are easy to make too.

Try to minimise alcohol, coffee and sugary drinks
In fact if you are really stressed then these are the last thing your body needs. The cleaner your diet, the less stressed the body and the more energy and wellbeing you will have.

There are times when good food and good lifestyle are not enough. There are some easy and wonderful ways to make a difference.

But don’t just run a bath – make it an event. Aromatherapy oils for stress and tension are great in the bath and/or burner. Mineral bath salts are easy and wonderful to make the bath a therapeutic event. There are even mineral salts which already have the essential oils added for simplicity and price.
Last but not least, as if the smell of the oils is not enough to soothe, light some candles and play some relaxing music. Then SOAK. Do this regularly.

Go outside and breathe
Do what makes you happy. Stretching, walking, soaking up the gardens and birdsong. Even just five minutes a day is better than not at all.

Take time for you
Get a massage, a foot scrub, a facial. Whichever makes you relax and feel good.

There are also some wonderful herbs/supplements for this time. Vitamin B Complex is highly recommended and B Vitamins are water soluble. When you are stressed they are needed every day. Magnesium is very important for twitching muscles, eye twitches or cramp. There are herbs for memory and/or stress and rescue drops for anxiety and sleep.

The quality of the product does make a difference. When you are stressed or your digestive system is compromised – your absorption might not be 100 percent. Better supplements do not necessarily equal higher prices – but they do equal results.

It is also important to get the right product for your situation. Talk to your trusted team of natural health specialists for the best advice for you and your family. Remember to always take as directed and talk to your health professional if symptoms persist.

Make this your best summer ever – with more energy and wellbeing.

Monica van de Weerd is a well respected Waikato based beauty therapist and aromatherapist, with an impressive knowledge of natural health and wellbeing. She and husband Frans (a qualified physiotherapist, homoeopath, craniosacral therapist and bowen therapist) are committed to living a naturally healthy lifestyle.


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