Cough Cough – welcome to winter



There’s a common sound in the air and it is the distinctive (and frustrating) sound of a cough. In this month’s column, Monica Van De Weerd takes a look at coughs and cough remedies.

A cough is a reflex action that is caused by the stimulation of an irritated airway. When a person coughs, the larynx closes briefly.

The chest and abdominal muscles then contract and air is forced out of the lungs when the larynx is reopened. The air released by a cough cleans out the airway of any irritants.

Coughing is a key part of the body’s defence mechanism as it purges the respiratory passages of dirt, dust or fluid which could cause problems to the lungs.

Types of coughs

Coughs may be described as:
• A dry cough
• A chesty cough

A dry cough develops because of infection or inflammation of the throat and upper airway. As no fluid is produced, it is said to be non-productive or dry.

The most common cause of a dry cough is the common cold or flu – the brain recognises the inflammation in the throat as a foreign object and tries to remove it through coughing.

A chesty cough brings up mucus produced from the airways, also known as phlegm. This fluid is produced because of infection or inflammation lower in the airways or because of the presence of bacteria. Chesty coughs can produce phlegm which is clear or white – or if green, indicates the presence of bacteria.

Cough remedies     
There are many different remedies on offer to help clear up a cough.

One of the simplest cures is a homemade remedy containing honey and lemon. Honey coats the throat and relieves the irritation which causes coughing.

Herbal remedies used to relieve coughs include ivy, thyme and pine shoots.

There are people who prefer to use chemical medicines to suppress coughs – these are readily available from pharmacies and retail outlets.

If a cough is persistent, your health professional should be consulted as prescribed medication may be needed.

In all cases, remember that a cough is not a disease, it is a symptom. Therefore to clear up a cough permanently, the underlying cause of coughing (most often a viral or bacterial infection) must be treated.

Preventing a cough

As there are so many causes for coughing, prevention of coughs lie with looking at the underlying problem.

To discuss this underlying problem, go to your trusted local health store or natural health professional.


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