Do you have poor skin, hair or nails?


How our skin, hair and nails look is a wonderful reflection to our inner wellbeing and health. However, there are a variety of reasons you may not have lustrous shiny hair, or clear glowing skin and healthy nails.

So why are they losing condition? You could be using the best hand and body creams, expensive shampoo and conditioners and a great nutritional internal skin food supplement. But if your digestion or circulation is poor – you might not be getting the achievable results.

Let’s ask the questions:
Do you have cold hands and feet?
If you have cold hands and feet, the reason for poor nail and nail bed health or ageing skin could be circulation.

There are a few herbs which can be helpful. Which one you choose depends on other symptoms or medication that you are on. As some herbs do the same as your medication they cannot be used together for your safety, so please check with an expert before taking them.

Gingko is the main herb recommended for peripheral blood circulation, but it cannot be taken with certain medications. This is why it is important to ensure you have the right information before setting out on a new treatment plan. If the cause of poor nail and hand skin is from circulation – you will get results.

Do you get acidity, bloating, wind or/and bowel movements that go from too loose to too dry?
If your digestion is poor you might have a compromised immune system, resulting in less energy and a reduced feeling of general wellbeing. Depending on your symptoms, there can be a variety of reasons for this and it is important to identify the reason to ensure you are embarking on the right programme to treat the problem.

The cause could be food intolerance, inflammation, toxicity of the liver, food choices or more. A few simple questions can ascertain what your main cause could be.  Then you could start with a base solution to begin seeing results – and working through/with your body’s needs.

If your digestive system is compromised, you cannot absorb the good nutrition you work so hard to get in and the toxins might not be removed correctly and efficiently.

When you have achieved better circulation and/or digestion you skin hair and nails should also improve.
TIP – you might have the same symptoms as others but the reason for them might come from a different cause. It could be that you simply need more essential fatty acids, silica and anti-oxidants.

Or it could be a deeper cause of hormones, digestion or circulation.

Either way, when you get the right advice and follow through, you will not only look better, but your hair, skin and nails will reflect this improvement.

Best friends of your skin, hair and nails.
– Essential fatty acids
– Antioxidants
– Silica or collagen tablets
– Drink plenty of water
– Good digestive health

Monica van de Weerd is a well respected Waikato based beauty therapist and aromatherapist, with an impressive knowledge of natural health and wellbeing. She and husband Frans (a qualified physiotherapist, homoeopath, craniosacral therapist and bowen therapist) are committed to living a naturally healthy lifestyle.


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