Eight tips to a healthier back


Did you know that lower back pain is rated as the number one disability worldwide? Lower back pain causes more time off work due to disability than any other condition, according to two recent medical research articles. Hamilton chiropractor Sarah Nelson shares her eight top tips which can be done at home to help improve your back.

1) Make sure you exercise regularly.  Walking or running are good exercises.

2) Try to stay active – sitting a lot is the number one cause of lower back pain.

3) Ensure that when you do sit, that you sit upright with good posture – try not to slump in the chair. You
need to sit up straight, but in a relaxed comfortable position.

4) Make sure that you have a check-up if you do get a sore back.  Those occasional niggles are now thought to be a warning sign of bigger problems to come.

5) Ensure that you are doing a number of good lower back exercises. Focus on core stability exercises and gluteus medius and maximus exercises to help stabilise your lower back. A spinal health professional will prescribe the correct exercises.

6) Try to avoid any twisting exercises or twisting type stretches. Many  people think these are useful stretches, but twisting often causes damage to the irritated joints and muscles.

7) Is your posture correct?  Having poor posture can cause excessive strain on the lower back causing damage to both the disc and the facet joints.

8) High-heeled shoes cause increased curvature (lordosis) increasing the strain onto the joints and muscles.  If you are prone to a sore lower back, reduce the time you wear them.


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