Enjoy the journey…Wanderlust 108


What happens when you combine wellbeing, fitness and relaxation with fun and happy vibes? The answer is simple – Wanderlust 108, brought to you by Wanderlust, the producer of the largest yoga lifestyle events in the world, in partnership with adidas.

Being dubbed the ‘world’s first mindful triathlon’, Wanderlust 108 offers a 5k run (or walk), a large scale outdoor yoga class and a guided meditation led by some of the world’s top teachers.

Touring 56 cities around the globe, Auckland’s Wanderlust 108 is being held on Saturday April 29 at Western Springs Lakeside Park.

Grab your friends and family and get involved in this fun and invigorating event.As well as the run/walk, yoga and meditation, triathletes can also enjoy music from live DJs and an array of surprises throughout the day.

At this year’s Wanderlust 108, participants can “play all day” by adding a scheduled class such as aerial yoga, acro yoga, hooping, walking meditation, photography workshops, DJ academy, essential oils workshop, or an extra community yoga experience from favourite local teachers at “The Haven,” the new  venue.

At all Wanderlust 108 events, the Mindful Marketplace will showcase local craft vendors, including clothing, jewelery, and handcrafted items. Local and organic food vendors will be on site, as well as Wanderlust’s signature True North Cafe by TOMS, and a Kombucha garden.

Tickets for the Auckland event are on sale now (last year sold out fast) and priced from $30 at eventbrites.com

Wanderlust 108 tips

Two of our Fitness Journal writers are planning to experience Wanderlust 108 and share some of their preparation and tips around the event.

Sarah Mac Donald is passionate about yoga – so much so that it is her business.The owner of Balance Yoga in Cambridge is keen to participate in Wanderlust 108 and shares some of her planning process.

Five things I’ll be taking to Wanderlust 108:

1. My favourite travel yoga mat. Ultra lightweight (easy to take on a run if needed) and super grippy for yoga.

2. Vibram five finger shoes for the run. I love these for keeping my toes and feet nicely aligned.

3. Sun smarts. Even in April, a hat, sunnies and sunscreen are smart move for outdoor yoga.

4. A well hydrated body. Keeps muscles, joints and tissues ready for plenty of movement.

5. An open heart and open mind – Wanderlust events are always uplifting and an opportunity to connect with our amazing yoga community.  See you there.

Danielle Roberts  is a personal trainer and nutritionist (Fuel Nutrition) and is keen to experience all that Wanderlust 108 has to offer.

Being in the holistic health industry, this is right up my alley as it encompasses all activities I love to do on a regular basis. I’ve never experienced it in a big group setting such as this and can’t wait!

1. Do some light running every day up until the event. The 5k run is a friendly run but I desire to be able to run with ease and joy to start the day off on a positive note.

2. Make sure I continue to stretch every day so that come the yoga aspect, I’m not starting off at a level where I am super tight, meaning I can take myself deeper into the poses and experience.

3. Nutrition wise; understanding and knowing my body I would probably eat lightly in the week leading up to it, with nourishing vegetable broths, fruit/ vegetable smoothies and wholesome/ nutrient balanced salads/ stir-fry based dishes. This is working towards the aim of going in with greater vitality, a lightness and greater flow within my digestive system and body.

4. Go in with the spirit of having fun, enjoying the journey rather than making a predetermined goal or achievement to strive for – allowing unlimited experiences to flow to me.

5. Go in open-minded and willing to learn new techniques, practices and new discoveries about myself.




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