Exercise class for mums and babies


kanga2When it comes to postnatal exercise, many mums struggle to know where to start. Georgiana Fitzpatrick is a Romanian turned Kiwi, who specialises in Kangatraining; designed specifically for post-partum recovery.

A mother herself, Georgie is passionate about helping other new mums care for themselves and their body, while allowing it to recover from childbirth.

Kangatraining is a full body workout during which both cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength are enhanced. As the programme is specifically designed for postnatal mums, the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles as well as correct posture are given special attention.

“The best part is that unlike traditional exercise classes, new mums need not worry about finding a babysitter or having to calm baby and miss out on the class because at Kangatraining babies are worn on mum, in ergonomic baby carriers, and get to be a part of the action!”

Formerly a tour guide living in Transylvania, Georgie relocated to the other side of the world after meeting ‘a charming Kiwi boy’.

“Two weddings (one in each country) and one baby later, we are now a Kiwi family,” says Georgie.
“Becoming a mum brought a lot of change in my life and apart from the expected sleep deprivation and responsibility, it sparked an interest in women’s health.

“I was very active before and during my pregnancy and decided, before having my baby boy that I would get back into it as soon as I could. After Arnie was born we struggled with his naps, because the minute we’d put him in the cot (or any flat surface for that matter) he’d wake up, so eventually he would end up sleeping on one of us.

5tips“Luckily I discovered babywearing and its amazing benefits for both myself (being able to cook and make sure I didn’t skip any meals, or being out and about without worrying it was nap time) and my son (he was happier and he slept longer), but also our relationship (bonding, breastfeeding etc).

“When my husband and I started going to the gym, we would take turns entertaining Arnie which meant we’d always be there for quite a while. Then I came across Kangatraining and never looked back.”
Georgie signed up to train as an instructor in New Plymouth.

“We had sessions with a physio and a midwife. We learned about babywearing and how to optimally fit a carrier so that the mum is comfortable and to allow for the proper development of the baby’s hips and spine.

“Moreover I gained a lot of knowledge about safe postpartum exercising and the importance of gradually getting back into shape after your body has done such an amazing job of growing another human being.”

Mums can bring their own carriers which are assessed for suitability or can rent a carrier from Georgie.

Classes run for about 75 minutes; beginning with a warm up, moving on to floor work and then babies are put in the ergonomic carriers for the rest of the workout, which consists of choreographed dance tracks, arm exercises, barre exercises, repeaters, ending with pelvic floor exercises and stretching while chatting about a topic of interest.

“I offer a free trial class so mums can have a go and on the first session, I check for abdominal separation so I can alter the workout and promote exercises to help with healing. We also learn to locate the transverse abdominis muscle and activate it as often as possible in order to promote core strength.”

Kangatraining classes are held Monday 10am-11:15am and Wednesday 1pm-2:15pm,
at Core MMA gym (79 Killarney Road, Frankton).


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