How to exercise when time is tight


Finding the time to exercise during the festive season can be a real balancing act. If you find it hard to maintain your routine during the weeks leading up to Christmas, try using some of the handy tips below to boost your energy, build muscle and keep your body moving.

Use the weekends wisely
Planning a social weekend? Be sure to make time for yourself and organise a hike, run, bike-ride or gym session around your social calendar. This will enable you to enjoy spending time with family and friends whilst feeling energized, healthy and active.

how-to-exercise-2Kids sports practice
Take advantage of the time during your child’s sports practice and enjoy a short workout while watching them. If practice takes place outdoors and you have the opportunity, try a light warm-up by walking around the field and then do a short bodyweight workout using park benches, jungle gyms, etc. This will release endorphins to improve your mood and will leave you with plenty of time to focus on watching your child play.

Lunchtime walks
During the summer months, it’s important to get much needed sunshine on your skin to synthesise Vitamin D. A high percentage of New Zealanders are Vitamin D deficient which can result in low bone density and mood. A 20 – 30 minute walk outside during your lunch break will stimulate your brain for the afternoon’s work ahead and will provide a break away from your work station.

Crack of dawn
The moments in the house before everyone wakes up are the ideal time to set your metabolism and mental state for the day ahead. Try warming up by walking outside for five minutes in total (including the return back to the house). Then select five exercises that you can do (either body weight or using home equipment). Perform each exercise for one minute, with a minutes rest in between. This will allow you to get through two sets in 20 minutes. Leave yourself five minutes at the end for stretching.

HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training
HIIT training consists of exercising for a short period of time at a high intensity, followed by a short rest. This is repeated for up to 20 – 25 minutes. HIIT training is a proven way to improve muscular endurance quickly and has been shown to lower blood glucose levels, which can help reduce the risk of diabetes. HIIT training is offered in gyms all over Hamilton so why not give it a go? After a few classes or sessions with a personal trainer, you’ll be ready to create your own HIIT sessions at home which can be squeezed in during those busy periods.


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