Are you fit to ski and snow board?


I can hardly believe it has been a year since last writing about skiing injury prevention. It’s that time of year again and first I want to direct you to last year’s Fitness Journal article.

This was where we looked at the most common skiing injuries and how to strengthen your legs to help prevent them.  It is helpful to recap on these, as we frequently see the same injuries each year.

You can find the article on the Fitness Journal web site at and a quick recap below.

This year I want to add a couple of key exercises for better leg strength and control.  These simple at home exercises are great for developing the stability needed to maintain your power and are great for both the skier as well as the snow boarder.

exercise11) Body weight squat to the song “Bring Sally Up”. This is a great four minute challenge and will make your legs and glutes burn.  If you go to youtube link: you can join in the challenge.  Turn the music up and every time they sing “Bring Sally Down” you drop into squat hold position and don’t come up until they say “Bring Sally Up”. Make sure you maintain good form during the entire session as pictured.

exercise22) The second exercise is call the “Monster Walk”. All you need is a rubber Thera band tied in a tube.  Drop down into a wide snowboard stance and walk sideways 10 paces, don’t let the legs come together keeping them always shoulder width apart at the narrowest point.  Perform 10 in each direction, repeat 8-10 times and your glutes will be smashed

The final thing I want to talk about in relation to skiing is…please remember to wear a helmet when you are on the snow.

In New Zealand the snow is a lot harder, wetter and icier than most places and taking a simple fall can result in concussion or a severe head injury.

Studies show that helmet use reduces the severity of injury by up to 60 percent.  I don’t take the thought of head injury lightly having seen the devastating effects of ongoing concussion symptoms.

It’s a simple message; wear a helmet.

Hope you have a great year skiing…stay safe and injury free.

Director of Advance Physio, John Appel is dedicated to helping everyone function fully and enjoy everyday life without the restriction of pain.With a Masters in Physiotherapy, a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology, an Athletic Training degree, and as a Myofascial Release therapist, he works with a wide range of clients from professional athletes to chronic fibromyalgia clients.


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