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Photos by Daniel Franks

A couple of months ago, this column talked about the fitness trends for 2015. At the top of that list was body weight training and somewhere near the bottom of it was stability ball training.

So in highlighting some of the best stability ball exercises we may be bucking the trend. However the stability or Swiss ball remains an incredibly useful exercise tool.

It’s moderately inexpensive compared with some other exercise equipment and like body weight exercises you can do it at home in front of your pets.

The Swiss ball started life in the world of occupational therapy as a rehabilitation tool, got picked up by physios and inevitably ended up in the world of fitness training. I’ve seen people balance on one and do barbell squats. However we’re going to keep things more simple.

As with all exercise, check with your registered exercise professional first to ensure any individual muscle or joint issues are taken into consideration, and use a good quality ball, not one you can see right through.

Also it’s worth bearing in mind these are five of the best exercises, so are not necessarily all that easy.

The rewards are proportional to the effort, they say.

To make life a bit easier for you we’ve also made some short videos of each of these exercises which you can find at   – click on the You Tube link on the homepage. Go forth and conquer.
































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