From the editor


It may come as no surprise to discover the theme of our February issue is Love. Obviously, this ties in around Valentine’s Day, so we have included tips and advice around marriage and weddings, ensuring a healthy, stress-free path to your special day.

We expand on the love theme, gearing our interviews and stories around all aspects of love and its many components; passion, self-confidence, determination, resilience, etc.

Our cover story, a profile on the inspirational Ross Steele, is an example of all these traits. Unashamedly joyful about his involvement in marathons, Ross is set to notch up his 100th marathon this year. He enthusiastically shares his love of marathon running with those around him and while there’s no denying the hard work which goes into training, he still manages to find the fun in competing, often running in a kilt or tutu. His love of the sport shines through.

And to complete the love theme, there’s plenty if inspiration to help motivate you into a sport or activity you may well discover you enjoy, and eventually love.

Finally, take a moment to celebrate your personal strengths and achievements; remember that self-love is perhaps the most import love of all, freeing you to be happy and confident and try new things.

Whatever your plans are for February, share the love, show your love and do something you love.

With love, Lisa.


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