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HamishmusclefuelWhen it comes to providing the right fuel for muscles, Hamilton’s Hamish Coulter has got it sussed.

The current national powerlifting champion and veteran bodybuilder has miles of firsthand experience when it comes to painstakingly researching and preparing the right food to fuel the body – right down to the last gram.

Hamish is a top level national bodybuilder with several national and regional class titles in his competitive career. He’s is committed, focused and driven and applies these same qualities to his business as well as his sporting career.

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In fact, it was his desire to make life easier for others that led to the creation of his thriving business Muscle Fuel. Hamish admits that he became so frustrated by the lack of options available and the hours spent in his kitchen, that he set up his own business to meet the gap in the market.

Muscle Fuel now provides competitive athletes with carefully prepared meals tailored to their competitive requirements. Plus the menu has the tick of approval from local nutritionist Jake Campus, also a competitive bodybuilder.

Like everything he does, Hamish has committed to his venture 110 percent, investing heavily in commercial kitchens and professional chefs. The result is meals aimed at high performance athletes and anyone with an interest in nutrition, prepared from locally sourced ingredients and packaged for convenience.

“Less time in the kitchen equals more time training,” he says. “The idea is to make nutrition easier and quicker.”

The concept has been a smash hit from the get-go, with a number of high profile athletes on board since the 2013 launch.

However he’s also finding increasing interest from health-conscious professionals as well as parents with active children involved in sports.

“We understand how busy life can be. Hectic juggling of work, family and training schedules can mean often times the easiest and most convenient food option is often a poor one.

“This can negatively affect training performance, fat loss or muscle gain as well as contribute to a whole host of health problems.”

Most sportspeople know what good healthy foods they should be eating, but the hassle of getting to the supermarket, weighing out portions, cooking and cleaning is sometimes too much. Muscle Fuel takes the hard work out of mealtimes, letting customers focus on other facets of  life.

An enormous amount of knowledge and expertise has gone into the menu. Hamish has ulitised the knowledge of one of the top nutritionists in the country and gathered quality advice from top athletes and qualified chefs.

musclefuel2Based right here in the heart of Waikato, Muscle Fuel prides itself on using top quality local meat and produce, Meals are cooked in a commercial kitchen, before being vacuum sealed and gas flushed, so they last fresh in the fridge for a week. Recipes include chilli chicken con carne, beef stirfry and brown rice, Thai green curry. Check out the menu online for a list of nutritional information.

Customers can choose from a set meal pack or build a custom pack to suit, with customised ingredients and portion sizes. Meals can be picked up or couriered.

For more information, visit www.musclefuel.co.nz

musclefuelWIN WIN WIN

Simplify your life and treat your tastebuds to instant nutritious food, with a month’s supply of pre-prepared quality evening meals from Muscle Fuel.

The pre-made performance meals are nutritionist approved and available in portion sizes to suit your requirements. That leaves you free to play sport, workout and do all the activities you enjoy, without needing to stress about arriving home and dealing with fatigue before you have time to refuel.

Muscle Fuel and Fitness Journal are offering a month’s supply of evening weekday meals (Monday to Friday) for one lucky winner, allowing you more time and flexibility to enjoy the things you love the most. That has to be better for your health, mind and body.

To enter, simply fill in the form below. Entries close February 10, 2015.

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