Fuel Yourself


With events such as World Masters Games and Maadi Cup taking place this month, athletes of all ages are pushing hard to peak for their events – many putting in some serious hours on the track/field/gym/water.

While many have a well thought out plan around their fitness, technique and physical preparation, what about recovery? Often athletes juggle work and family commitments, as well as their training. With multiple commitments and a busy schedule, it is likely your body will need some extra nutritional support.

When you train and work harder – you need more nutrition. And I do not mean the empty nutritional value of the white sugar and white flour kind. Food based around these ingredients may give you a fast lift for that immediate moment, but without any beneficial or long-lasting nutrients. Due to the acidic nature, in the medium to long-term this type of food can cause a weakening of your systems. You might already be noticing this through skin conditions, coughs/colds/sinus problems, digestive complaints or tiredness that will not go away.

There are choices available to get better nutritional results in a non-acidic way. This can help with recovery, as well as stamina and improved results.

Start off with basic daily nutritional care.
Add alkalising and energising green vegetables or red fruits powder to your daily smoothie or breakfast. There is only so much nutrition we can get from our daily food regime. If you are training hard or finding energy and recovery tough, this will give extra nutrition above your good diet. Remember supplementing in no way should take the place of your daily diet.

Add electrolytes to your water. Electrolytes are needed for energy and recovery. Use the ones without sugar. I recommend ELETE Electrolytes.

Using protein – choose one that can be absorbed more easily. Rice and pea powder are among the better options. There are also brands that have all the easily absorbed high protein powders, with added vegetables, fruit, enzymes and probiotics. Choose one that suits you and your lifestyle. Check for hidden artificial ingredients. They are not necessary. RAW is good brand. RED 8 another. Get advice and take as directed.

When your body is not getting enough nutrients or is too tired, it shows you in a variety of ways. Some of these are:
– Skin through inflamed skin conditions.
– Immunity through low grade infections that will not fully go away.
– The digestive system through acid burn, bloating or wind.

Remember – a high protein diet often slows digestion. Work with roughage, hydration and diet to ensure regular movements. This is important if you want better results and recovery with your sport. If your body is working hard to fight inflammation or infection, then all your recovery and results will in part be taken up by this complaint. Added toxicity also lessens capacity, recovery and energy.

What to do to prevent toxicity and problems:
– Eat a well-balanced diet. Hydrate and get enough sleep.
– Work on reducing acidity and inflammation to ensure your body can give you the best results and best of health.
– Listen to your symptoms – work with your body to maintain the best of health. Find out what can be done/changed to enable your body to function normally.

Get advice from your natural health professional and make sure the products you choose are suited to your specific requirements and lifestyle.

Always take any supplements as directed. And if symptoms persist see your health professional.


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