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Why is it that when a friend or family member does a certain diet/detox or supplement/herb programme and gets AH-MAZING results that you decide to try it too. And when you do, the only result you get is that you are poorer and tired of certain foods or a regime of supplements, etc.

And why is it that one health provider will charge you the earth with an earth-sized regime of bottles and liquids – while others give free advice, moderate fees and recommend the minimum for maximum results.

The answer is fairly straightforward. Everybody is different. And it may be that the cause of your symptoms are different from your friend or family member, so what worked for them may not work for you. It is important to have your health issues correctly assessed.

Looking after yourself naturally is working with the cause. Often there is a reason for your symptoms. For example; is your bad breath due to a digestive problem or is it a dental problem. Knowing the correct answer to this enables you to treat it properly.

If it is a digestive problem, is it likely to involve a lack of enzymes to break down your foods or the gut lining’s non capacity to absorb.

A few simple questions from someone who really listens and understands natural health and the body will give you the right herb/nutrient to start getting results.

When you throw everything from A to Z at a symptom without knowing the cause, it is not a cost efficient means of treatment. Sure, you may get a result. But which product did actually work? And why? And has it just provided some support to your body to allow it to make some adjustments naturally – but the underlying problem is still there.

Like most things in life, you need to start at the beginning. Ask a few simple questions, seek some expert help and that is a step in the right direction for which system needs some attention.

Is it the digestive system? An organ? Circulation? Nerves, adrenals or immunity?

A simple digestive symptom could be just that. Or it could be a symptom derived from adrenal exhaustion or nervous system depletion?

Do you see that there can be a multiple list of reasons for even the most seemingly straightforward symptoms. Do not self diagnose. Many people turn to the internet for advice and there is no denying that there is a wealth of useful and important information available.

But it is also packed full of people’s personal opinions, hard line marketing and fear-based calls to action. Health can be terrible if you do not have it –and some people will frighten you further to get you to their view point.

This is why it is important to ensure you are actually receiving expert advice which is relevant to your personal situation. And that it is from a reputable source. You need to be able to make an informed choice.

Some simple guidelines

When you have a cold: 
Cut out mucus forming foods, add more water intake and immune building foods and supplements. Keep warm and if necessary stay home.

When you have an impaired immune or digestive system:
Cut out refined sugar, refined flour and fast foods/drinks. Go back to whole foods, increase absorbable minerals, essential fatty acids and do a detox. Talk to your natural health provider to find out what herbs or supplements are right for you.

When you have a life-changing illness:
Do not do a detox. Detoxing should not be done when ill, pregnant, breastfeeding or while physically/mentally exhausted. There are other ways to support the cells/organs/body. Alongside a good diet, look at Spirulina or Barley Grass. Essential fatty acids, absorbable minerals, Vitamin C and symptom recommended herbs and certain supplements can help. Drink enough water, remove all refined foods, make smoothies.

Most importantly:
Get expert advice. When you or your family are going through traumatic times, it is best to talk to someone and get help.

My motto is always minimum products for maximum results. The RESULTS are all important. Natural Health can make a difference. But only if you are taking the right product.


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