Is your gut affecting your immune system?


Your gut lining is under bombardment every day. White sugar – stress – medication – chemicals in your food.

These can weaken the gut lining over time and cause ulcers, and ‘bleeding’ of what is in the gut versus what is in your body.

Imagine unrefined gut product leaching into your body. This affects energy formulation, toxin removal and digestion. It also affects immunity.

Your digestive tract is made up of villi. These increase the surface of your digestive tract, absorbing the nutrition from the food we eat.

Imagine the digestive tract wall looking like your fingers – this is the villi. When these villi get too much material stuck between them, which is not removed or cleansed, inflammation and even ulcers can occur. Or the lining can thin – villi break down.

At the very least, the digestive tract is less productive and you feel less well. You could be more prone to catching viruses and bacteria.

To deal with this, you will need your friendly gut flora and regular cleansing is imperative. This is the job for food roughage. A regular detox could also benefit. The necessity of this depends on your constitution, lifestyle and diet.

If your digestive tract has been compromised; your diet will be imperative to support wellbeing. This is why we recommend no white sugar, white flour, meat and alcohol when you are doing a detox/cleanse.

To support your body you will need to eat more fermented foods. Soak muesli overnight to start the fermentation process. Eat yogurt, kefir, kombucha and add a splash of organic natural fermented apple cider vinegar to warm water and drink it. You need to alkalise your body to support healing.

If your diet is not enough – or it is just too hard to maintain, then supplements can be helpful. Probiotics and fermented foods are now easily obtainable and a great way to support your diet.

With the human body breathing in viruses and bacteria every day, having a strong immune system is of great importance. When your gut is healthy – your immune system will maintain or recover your health. Gut health needs to be worked on every day. Listen to your body’s energy levels, immunity and digestive movements. You can make a difference to your gut lining’s capacity to absorb and defend, and  be happier and healthier as a result.

TIP: Drink a glass of pure water before that cup of coffee or glass of alcohol and before every meal. You will have fewer cravings – be less hungry and enjoy your beverage more.

(When using supplements: always read the label and take as recommended. See your health professional if symptoms persist).

Monica van de Weerd is a well respected Waikato based beauty therapist and aromatherapist, with an impressive knowledge of natural health and wellbeing. She and husband Frans (a qualified physiotherapist, homoeopath, craniosacral therapist and bowen therapist) are committed to living a naturally healthy lifestyle.


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