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Fitness Journal talks 2016 hair trends with Steve Graham and the team from MODO Hair Design

The world of hair design, colour and care is rapidly evolving, with new techniques and products being fashioned in a timeless era where individuality is key.

Hair productsGlobally right now, haircuts, colours and styles have become so individualised they have transformed into hair art.  Modern technology allows New Zealand to stay right on trend with all the latest hair colours, cuts and styles as they evolve around the world.  Colours are being continually improved to provide luminous colour which is gentle on even the most sensitive scalps, thanks to irritation-free colour care. Products continue to advance to cope with modern day issues such as pollution, UV ray damage and free radicals.

This year a number of key trends are emerging. How you choose to embrace them is all down to your own unique personality and style.

Texture, tousled and kinky hair: it’s the look of 2016 and a great bonus for those lucky enough to have natural curls. It’s all about embracing your natural texture. There are some beautiful products designed to enhance natural texture such as an anti-frizz mousse, shine serum or sea-salt spray. We love La Biosthetique Beach Effect Styling Spray. A quick spritz gives hair a silky matte, texturised look. Perfect to use all year round especially with its UV ray protection properties.

Bold braids and statement partings are all over the 2016 catwalks. Big or small, sleek or messy, braids are a great way to wear second or third day hair. For best results use La Biosthetique Powder Spray. It works like a dry shampoo with the bonus of more structure and body. Perfect for getting some volume and hold into your hair before braiding. TOP TIP: for some super, simple braiding how-tos – go to YouTube and look at braid tutorials.

Accessories for hair are all the rage this year. From bold headbands to geometrically positioned bobby pins anything goes. Hit your local craft shop and DIY your own headbands and hair accessories.

Pastels are here to stay. Lavender, rose, ice blue, and mint have been really popular in-salon. Silver and denim are quickly becoming the most current in varying tones.  TOP TIP: to keep your pastel looking fresh and new, you can get a semi-permanent colour (such as Fudge -Paintbox or Manic Panic). Mix a small amount into your conditioner and voila.

Neon colours are the next “big thing”. From accent pieces to peekaboo pops of colour, show off your carefree and adventurous side with dark navies, plum, or magenta reds.

Babylights and ‘hair-strobing” is a great new technique inspired by makeup artists to enhance your facial features, by placings highlights around the face where light would naturally hit. Perfect to achieve a visual “face lift” tailored to each individual’s skin tone, hair colour, and face shape.

top hair tips





  1. Use the correct shampoo and conditioner combo. Using the wrong shampoo can strip your colour. Ask your stylist to recommend a haircare routine specific for your hair.
  2. For bold colours use a shampoo with pigment refreshers. La Biosthetique Protection Couleur range is specifically designed for coloured hair. It is pigment infused to enhance colour vibrancy and protects against UV damage. The range comes in six different tones from cool to warm blonde, brunette, copper, and red.
  3. Take a picture in to your colour consultation. Trying to speak hairstylist lingo can be hard. Let your picture speak for itself. Find a picture which matches the image you have in your mind’s eye. A good stylist will be able to help you find a colour that is best suited to your skin tone, eye colour, and style.
  4. Find the right cut. Your colour should enhance your haircut and style. Everyone has the potential to look fantastic with the right cut for your natural texture. Have a style that complements your natural texture and team it with a great colour.
  5. Avoid overusing heated tools. Always use a heat protectant to prevent harmful damage. We love La Biosthetique Heat Protector. This 2 phase product protects against heat damage while conditioning the hair. If you always use a heated tool try to change your style up and embrace this year’s trend of tousled natural texture.

Need to know

Balayage – “to paint” or “sweep” brought to us from the French in the 60s or 70s. This timeless technique is now a hugely popular colour trend that delivers a soft, sun-kissed, natural look. It requires very little maintenance and can grow out naturally without a hard regrowth line. Colour is placed to enhance facial structure, skin tone, and visually lift. It can be tailored to each individual’s desire, natural or bold.

Ombre – comes from the French word Ombrer. It means, “having colours or tones that blend into each other from light to dark”. The ombre tends to be bolder with contrasting dark roots to light ends. You can experiment with different colours like a bold violet, magenta, red or copper. It adds beautiful definition to curls.

Bronde – as the name suggests is a blend of ‘blonde’ and ‘brown’. Giving the perfect balance of blonde and brunette tones, this is a gorgeous colour that reflects different tones of light seamlessly and gives multi-dimensional shine and movement.

About Steve
Steve GrahamModo Hair Design’s Steve Graham began his career in Hamilton, some three decades ago, working alongside Vidal Sassoon trained stylists. He remains passionate about teaching emerging stylists the cutting secrets and techniques to create beautiful shapes. Steve’s advice for those wishing to look their best is, “Find a salon where the stylists are motivated, well trained and have a passion to create beautiful haircuts and colours. There’s  no substitute for a great haircut and colour, it’s still the secret to making you look and feel your best”.


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