Happy New Year to our Fitness Journal readers



Highlights of your 2016?
– Moving closer to New Zealand’s beautiful coast line (Mount Maunganui)
– Playing an exhibition beach volleyball match on the streets of Toyko
– Being able to witness nearly 30,000 kids smiling faces as they completed the Sanitarium Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon
– Being so lucky to travel abroad four different times over the year and experience different cultures
Fave summer spot/activity and why?
– Beach volleyball (of course). It has so many of my favorite things rolled into one – being outdoors, sand, sun, exercise, and competition. Throw in some swimming, reading and eating in between training/matches and I’m complete!  
What 2016 taught/influenced you?
– Auckland traffic is not good for my soul
– No matter how busy you are you can always create more time
– New Zealand is a truly amazing place, and we are so lucky to live here
Something new you want to try in 2017/or something you’d like to achieve and why?
–  Qualify for the 2018 Commonwealth Games
–  Learn to surf, it seems like an obvious choice seeing I am already at the beach half of my time
–  Charity or volunteer work, helping those less fortunate than myself
Your top 3 pieces of advice for 2017?
–  Don’t let social media take over your life, the real world is pretty great!
–  Follow your bliss
–  Be nice to each other
–  Failure is an essential ingredient of growth. Trust yourself and keep working towards your goals.

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Ella Williams continues to ride the wave of surfing success. With one of the brightest smiles on the circuit,
Ella’s positivity and focus are standout features of her personality.

Your top pieces of advice for 2017?
Prepare well, take on new challenges and get out of your comfort zone!

Highlights of 2016?
Winning the Lacanau Pro in France. Getting that winning feeling back was a long time coming, so it felt great. Bring on 2017!

Fave summer spot?
The best summer spot for sure is Whangamata. I love it there – the sun is out, the beach is hot, the waves are fun; it’s the perfect combination. I certainly make the most of it and get my surfboard and head into the water whenever I can, plus it also means I’m at home with my family. To me, family is everything so we make the most of the time we have together.

What has 2016 taught you?
Good things take time. Throughout 2016 I have been learning, growing and embracing every competition and every moment life has thrown at me. I have learnt that preparation plays a huge part if you want to be successful in life.

What’s something new you want to try in 2017?
I’m looking at a fresh approach for 2017 and at getting out of my comfort zone more. Taking on new challenges means 2017 will be an exciting year, so who knows what it will bring?


Highlights of 2016?
Growing my business so that I could offer a job to another excellent trainer, and so disseminate exercise specialist advice to a whole new bunch of people in my community through Storey Sport!
Fave summer spot/activity and why?
Beach volleyball at the Lake Karapiro sand courts still rules the roost on this one.  What’s not to like? Sun, sand, laughs, great way to get exercise…
What 2016 taught/influenced you?
That life goes Nascar fast.  2016 is done and there is all this stuff still left on my list
Something new you want to try in 2017/or something you’d like to achieve and why?
Consolidation – of training, of performance, of work, of schedule.
Your top three pieces of advice for 2017?
1. Everyone should sleep more. There is mounting evidence that sleep deprivation is the becoming the biggest contributor to ill health.
2. Just do it – stop making excuses for not taking your own physical health seriously and decide to make it a priority; I almost guarantee that nothing else in your life will suffer.
3. Use email less and talk to people more, text less and make more phone calls, listen less to the news and more to the sounds of nature.


Honey Hireme is an inspiration – both as an athlete and an ambassador for having a positive outlook on life. The busy mother has represented New Zealand in three different codes; rugby, sevens and rugby league. She has competed at World Cups and is surely one of New Zealand’s most impressive cross-code athletes. Honey shares some of her thoughts on summer and her year past and present.

Your top pieces of advice for 2017?
–  Smile, it’s infectious and is your most attractive look
–  Don’t live your life on social media, try living in the real world it’s more fun
–  Daily random acts of kindness become habit – give it a go.

Key Highlights of 2016?

Enjoying my sport and playing in the NZ Black Ferns and NZ 7s Black Ferns team, as well as Waikato Women’s rugby team

Your favourite summer activity?
Touch rugby – because I can sub off whenever I get tired.

What 2016 taught you?
Adversity is the mother of progress – things may not go to plan but keep your head up and have a Plan B.

Name something new you want to try in 2017?
I want to learn to play the harmonica because I love music.


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