At Home… with Dr Libby


Welcome to the first in our At Home series, where we take a sneak peek inside the sanctuary of people’s homes. For this issue, Dr Libby kindly shares some of her favourite things about her home.

What’s your favourite thing about your home?
My garden. I am so grateful for the ability
to grow my own fresh organic herbs and
vegetables – it is truly nourishing for both the body and soul.

Where is your go-to ‘restful’ space and why?
By a window where the sun first shines in as it rises in the morning. I’m usually there with a book first thing and the dappled light through the trees is so special to see each day.

What is your favourite kitchen gadget and why?
A blender – drinking your greens among the other meals is an easy way to ramp up your intake!

What is always in your fridge/pantry?
Real whole foods are a non-negotiable for me. I always have organic vegetables and eggs on hand – you can make a nutritious meal out of these in a pinch! And organic sauerkraut. I eat it daily.
What’s your Sunday morning ‘treat yourself’ breakfast?
The foods I eat don’t change. I just tend to stretch breakfast out over a longer period on a Sunday.

Do you have any unusual collections?
A few projects from primary school that make me smile.

What is your favourite interior colour and why?
I love the combination of old timber with metal. A raw vintage industrial feel as it reminds me of my dad’s shed when I was growing up.

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