How to improve your run


Are you a runner? Do you want to become stronger, faster and decrease your risk of injury? Recent research has shown that strength training may improve power, running economy and running performance.*

Strength training will also aid in injury prevention by strengthening the musculature surrounding joints.

Running was found to be in the top four most popular recreational activities in the 2013/14 Active New Zealand survey results, with injuries resulting from jogging costing $6.2 million (July 2014 – June 2015) up from $3.9 million three years earlier (July 2010 –June 2011) according to ACC.

With this in mind, it will reduce the economic strain to our public health system if we can prevent injuries by taking a holistic approach to your training and strength training exercises.

I have included five exercises which will strengthen your lower body and are ideal for runners. They will improve the stability of ankles and knees and develop the hip stabilisers.

exercise 1

exercise 2exercise 3,4

* Beattie, K., Kenny, I. C., Lyons, M., & Carson, B. P. (2014). The effect of strength training on performance in endurance athletes. Sports Medicine, 44(6), 845-865.


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