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I have written previously about the importance of flexibility and posture in the golf swing (Fitness Journal Nov 2014). Since then I’ve been doing some research on what a golfer can do to hit the long ball. Over the past 15 years I’ve had the opportunity to work with hundreds of golfers on changing the golfer’s body to adapt to the golf swing.

Every golfer should be proficient on the Obie Roller to increase flexibility and should have core strength to maintain a good golf posture.  Once this is achieved then the following programme is great to take your power to the next level.

All a golfer needs to take their game to a new level are these three simple pieces of equipment:
– Obie foam roller
– Rib60 suspension trainer
– Two 16 kg kettle bells.

singlehand2The number one muscle used in the upper body during the golf swing is the pectoralis muscle.  Strengthening the chest is a must do exercise for power in golf.   This kettle bell exercise develops great chest strength, shoulder stability and also rotation of the thoracic spine which are all good things for a powerful golf swing.
The exercise on the Rip60 is great for chest strength as well as rotation.  Do three sets of 15 each way.
By doing it forward and backward you are training both the back and the chest.

The single most used muscle in the lower body during the golf swing is the mighty gluteal muscle.
The stronger your glutes are the more grounded you become and therefore can generate more power in the golf swing.

The kettle bell swing is great for your glutes and forces you to hold good posture which is great for the golf swing.
Switching it up to single hands can really develop the rotation stability of the core
as well.

You can source the Obie roller, Rip60 and kettle bells as a package at Advance Wellness centre.  If you need specific instruction on any of the above exercises, personal trainer Christian can coach you through the correct movements and exercises to get you hitting the ball further.

Every golfer’s body is different and you must be able to hold the correct golf posture and have good back flexibility before developing the power in your game.

If any of the above exercises cause any pain or are too difficult, then speak with an expert to find out some specific exercises to suit your body.

Director of Advance Physio, John Appel is dedicated to helping everyone function fully and enjoy everyday life without the restriction of pain.With a Masters in Physiotherapy, a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology, an Athletic Training degree, and as a Myofascial Release therapist, he works with a wide range of clients from professional athletes to chronic fibromyalgia clients.


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