INSPO tries … Reebok Nano 7s


We love the opportunity to test drive the latest sporting releases.

Admittedly there was a bit of a tussle over who got to test the stylish Reebok Nano 7s. Columnist and nutritionist Danielle Roberts is a regular at the gym and the perfect person to put the Reebok Nano’s through their paces. Check out what she thought below.

The promise: The latest in Reebok’s CrossFit range, the Nano 7s sleek design and dynamic Fit enables anyone working out to be light on their feet, powerful in their movements and efficient in their workouts (

Reebok Nano 7s

Danielle Roberts tries Reebok Nano 7s

Appearance: The colours are not normally my style, but I love the vibrancy as a change to my usual gym footwear attire.

First impressions: In the beginning, I found them quite restrictive on my feet and within five minutes my feet went numb. However, like most new footwear, you need to allow some time to ‘break them in’ to your individual feet. It took a week of wearing them every day for my feet to stop feeling numb and then I could wear them for the whole session. It also helps if you don’t do them up too tightly.

Functionality: The flat bottoms are great for weight sessions, in particular leg exercises. They allow me greater squat range and greater balance for weighted lunges or Bosu work for the legs and core. Greater range and balance means I can get more out of my workouts than if I was wearing my usual running shoes doing these exercises. I liked how the shoe moulded with my foot, making them comfortable to wear, and the nice padding for the sole of the foot. It is important to have a comfortable pair of shoes that support the foot, as often injuries further up in the body can stem from misalignment of the foot and ankle (from personal experience). We often forget about the health and wellbeing of our feet until they start to play up.

Here are some things I did to break in my Reebok Nano 7s:
Start by wearing them for as long as you comfortably can; walk around in the gym or house, train a little bit in them. Wear them for longer durations each day. Walk on the treadmill or wear them on a stationery bike. They aren’t runners, so don’t run in them or for long durations or you will injure your feet.

The verdict: These are designed specifically for CrossFit and for gym workouts – and once ‘broken in’ to your feet are exactly suited to the job. Overall, this is a comfy and supportive shoe. If you are looking for footwear suited to CrossFit or weightlifting style workouts, then these are an excellent fit. Yes please, I’ll have some more.


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