Joints and connective tissue


Age, overuse syndrome and sports can leave us with painful, swollen and inflamed joints, which in turn leads to degeneration and pain. There are ways to help – naturally.

Prevention they say, is better than cure. And this applies all the more to connective tissue, muscle and joints. Nutrition and hydration are the key to healthy movement.

Hydration with electrolytes is essential. When the body is hydrated with enough electrolytes your recovery is faster, and toxins are flushed away better. Concentration and performance are enhanced as well.

Use an electrolyte formula that has no sugar and is balanced for best absorption. The ELETE brand is my personal favourite. Through using this your magnesium and potassium levels are improved as well . Your muscles and kidneys will be ever so grateful.

Nutrition should always include your essential fatty acids .These are found in many aspects of a healthy diet. Fish, nuts, seaweed etc. If you have a very busy, stressful or high performance lifestyle; you should look at supplementing your essential fatty acids above your good diet.

Essential fatty acids are advised for good joint mobility. They are recommended for inflammation; heart and circulation and memory.

Talk to your natural health practitioner/specialist about which essential fatty acid is best for you and while you do: ask about dosage as well.

Essential fatty acids are truly essential for good body well being. Every cell in your body needs it every day.
Maintain all these and your joints will be better for it.

But what to do when you have inflamed, damaged joints?

There are herbs which have been recommended by herbalists for joints and inflammation for a very long time. Devils Claw, Ashwaganda, tumeric and ginger. Or you can look at Glucosamine. Glucosamine and Chondroiton have been studied on athletes with good results.

When you take therapeutic amounts of herbs, supplements and essential fatty acids, you should notice some result within two weeks.

It might be less pain, easier movement or less time needed to recover. It is important to talk to a natural health specialist to ensure you get the right product best for your lifestyle and situation and the amount taken per dose is imperative to get results.

When you get the results; remember it may be the supplements taken that have helped achieve this. It is important to maintain a maintenance dose for a period of time if needed.

Remember to always read the instructions and take as recommended.

New on the market are some new supplements which have been trialled and clinically tested. Health stores with practitioner and therapeutic ranges will stock these.

Ranges to ask about are Arthrem: Rosehip Vital and NeoCell. Qualified therapists like Frans van de Weerd also stock practitioner brands when more help is needed for your condition.

NB: most of these products enable your body to have better cell rejuvenation leading to better skin, hair and nails.

Monica van de Weerd is a well respected Waikato based beauty therapist and aromatherapist, with an impressive knowledge of natural health and wellbeing. She and husband Frans (a qualified physiotherapist, homoeopath, craniosacral therapist and bowen therapist) are committed to living a naturally healthy lifestyle.


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