Meet the team

LisaLisa Potter

Horses have always been my main sport. This is the first time for years I’ve been horse free – working life and being a mum take up pretty much all of my time. These days I play squash and enjoy Waikato’s amazing walkways. As a journalist I’m lucky to have tried lots of things; I’ve got my dive ticket, I’ve done a solo parachute jump and I once won a pogo stick competition.


AlanAlan Neben

Born and bred in Waikato I am a true supporter of sports. As a young fella I enjoyed sport from grassroots level to reps. After travelling and living abroad I was drawn back to the mighty Waikato in 2001. WOW, how it had changed since my uni days when I enjoyed jugs at ‘the Hilly’ and Saturdays at Rugby Park. It’s fantastic working, living and growing in a region with such world class businesses, facilities, athletes and just all round good folk.


DeidreDeidre Morris
Sales director

Hi, well it’s an exciting time with the launch of Fitness Journal…
the 14th addition to our stable of publications. I have to say, this has been an enjoyable journey as it has involved talking with businesses and people who are passionate about health, fitness and wellbeing. Most of my life has included some kind of sport or fitness/nutrition regime. And while I cannot profess to be a sports pro or health guru, I have always searched for the perfect ‘balance’ of mind, body and spirit.  I enjoy supporting my two girls grow and develop in their chosen sports which involves much time, dedication and discipline. Both involve much dedication and discipline, as well as time from me running them from one training session to the next, twice a day, seven days a week. It’s worth every minute as I see the positive effect sport has on our kids. I hope you find something each month in these pages or on our facebook that will inspire you to grow.


TaniaTania Hogg
Graphic designer

Working in a job that can be quite sedentary, Tania is conscious of the need to get out and be active in her free time. She is particularly keen on yoga for keeping those stress levels in check come deadline time.