Muddy good fun


When it comes to fitness and exercise, everyone’s motivation is personal. And whether you are  a gym bunny, lone exerciser or team player, there are an increasing number of people jumping on the bandwagon of ‘adrenaline pumping’ events; offering up a unique blend of fitness challenge, ‘out of comfort zone’ and social conscience.

It seems that weather is no deterrent for these events. In fact the more extreme the better. As our photos from the recent Loaded Tough Guy and Gal Challenge in Ngaruawahia show, fun was a major part of the day – as well as raising funds for Cure Kids.

Our Fitness Journal cover girl Zoe Ransley was a first time participant at the event – although she admits it was her mum who entered her!
“Mum thought it would be great fun for us to do together,” she laughs, “although I think she regretted it a few times around the course. It definitely wasn’t easy but it was fantastic and we were thrilled to complete it.”

Having not planned to enter, Zoe had no pre-event training regime, although she is a keen social netball player, basketball coach and regularly does the Hakarimata summit, which she says helped a lot.

“The most challenging part was at the end (when the photo was taken) as I had to grip my nails into the mud to pull myself up,” she says.
“In all honesty the most rewarding part was finishing the challenge with my mum. I mean how many people can say that they completed the Tough Guy and Gal Challenge with their mum, and that it was their mum’s idea to enter.

“I’m definitely keen to do something like this again but next time I’ll be getting my whole family into it!”

The Loaded Tough guy and Gal Challenge also runs a version for secondary school students and a junior event for primary and secondary school age kids. Popularity of this ‘mud run’ extreme off road adventure has rocketed in recent years and it is now held in six locations around New Zealand.

If you fancy an extreme winter challenge (an added bonus is that most of them support a chosen charity), a quick google search in your local region will reveal a host of fine events. Most of them aren’t a race against time – you just need attitude and perseverance.



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