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There’s a certain kind of beauty in a husband and wife team who have created two very distinct businesses around the same core ingredient. Better still when it is organic, New Zealand-grown and recognised globally for quality.

Alana Riley and Colin Oldham

Alana Riley and Colin Oldham.

Alana Riley and Colin Oldham have been pioneers in the organics business for more than 20 years. In fact, they are Australasia’s largest organic hop producer, growing and harvesting an impressive crop on their Nelson farm, aptly called New Hoplands.

Such is the esteem in which their hops are held, that in 2013 Colin was awarded The Knight of the Order of the Hop, the most prestigious award given in the International Hop Industry, for his pioneering of organic hops.

And Alana is just as remarkable. Her natural skincare brand, Oxygen Skincare, has evolved from her wealth of experience in the beauty industry. Having owned the Spotlight Modelling Agency in Christchurch, as well as operating Purity 3, a grooming and deportment school of her own creation, for more than 18 years, there is not much Alana doesn’t know about the industry.

HopsEvery Oxygen product contains the hugely beneficial organic hop extract from the couple’s organic hop farm.
A passionate advocate of natural skincare, Alana has spent years developing her Oxygen products, and is justifiably proud of the results.

It all started when she developed a soothing natural moisturiser for a family member with breast cancer. The cream was such a triumph she decided to create an entire range and in 2009 she launched Oxygen Skincare. Of course, that’s just the condensed version. Behind the scenes was an enormous amount of research and development as well as trials and tribulations.

Alana always knew that natural skincare was where her passion lay and she was determined to stick to natural skincare using ingredients such as organic hops (of course), kiwifruit enzyme, manuka honey, spearmint oil, volcanic ash and many more organic ingredients, extracts and oils.

“The ingredients benefit your inner health as well as  outer beauty and the aromas of the essential oils, are therapeutic and emotionally rebalancing, as well as having a wonderful perfume,” she says.

Skincare tips“It also gives me great pride to say that Oxygen Skincare products are never tested on animals and contain only natural and organic ingredients found in plants and essential oils.”

With three children, working with teens is another area of particular interest and Alana developed a special Oxygen range for teenage skins.

“I love to empower young people and I want to be a positive influence in their development. I developed a range for teens because they need good healthy skincare which works and doesn’t damage their skin. It’s also important that teens feel confident with themselves and if their skin looks okay that’s one confidence-knocker taken care of.”

The Oxygen range includes delights such as a purifying honey masque, soothing moisturiser for problem skin and BioGro Certified organic Ultimate botanical serum, all uniquely made with a distinctive Kiwi flavour. What’s not to love about that?


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