Nutrition and wellness tips for the bride


A wedding day is one of those key life events where the bride truly wishes to look and feel her best.

But, if the bride doesn’t feel great about how her body is looking coming up to the big day, drastic measures can sometimes be taken to drop the excess weight that is crushing those fairytale wedding visions.

However, crash dieting doesn’t change the negative programming in the mind and all the weight (and some) comes back if the changes aren’t sustainable. Anyone can look online for crash diet suggestions heading into their wedding. What is harder is to allow yourself enough time to achieve your aesthetic and health goals holistically.

I see a lot of clients and most of them are female. From this I can see a clear pattern; we all have mental and emotional stresses which actively contribute to creating physical imbalances in the body.

You may not even be aware it is something you would class as a stress. For example, it may be that you are constantly judging yourself, creating the exact way you do not desire to look and feel in your life.

So, in this article I give points of focus to set you off on the right foot holistically. Give yourself at least two to three months of full commitment for the transformation.

Tip 1 Don’t leave your transformation journey until the last minute if you want the effects to be positive, healthy and sustainable.
In an ideal world, when you first set a wedding date, check in with yourself and ask the question, how happy am I with the skin I am in? Then taker time to consider what mental and emotional stresses you are carrying in your life and work through understanding and becoming more aware of how they are affecting you. Note that this type of health and wellness work is personal development work, so if you get stuck with what to do here you will need to enlist the help of a professional. When you do this, you will see your physical goals speed up, your desired weight loss will be a byproduct of many fantastic health and happiness rewards.

Tip 2 Do physical activity you enjoy.
When you enjoy doing something, then your heart sings and your hormones respond by releasing happy endorphins into your body. This reduces the damaging effects stress can have on your body. It quite literally neutralises your stress hormones and replaces them with happy ones. However, the opposite is said of doing physical activity that brings you no joy, where you hate every moment you are doing it. Do what you love to do and don’t fall into the trap of doing exercise which is said to be great for fat burning if you hate doing it. Be open to giving things you haven’t tried a go – just don’t continue if you don’t enjoy it, as this will create unwanted physical, mental and emotional stress. When you are trying to organise your wedding, the last thing you need is more stress feeding an endless cycle. This creates imbalances in your physical body, stopping you from achieving your desires.

Tip 3 Check your digestive system.
Get in touch with your body. How is the digestive system running? Do you feel bloated all the time? Do you struggle with being constipated or just not going every day? Ideally, we need to be releasing stools 2 -3 times a day for the correct flow. It makes sense; three meals in, three stools out. Bloating is also not normal. Many people think it is, because they have lived with it for so long, but it is not true. The digestive system is a big topic and there are many ways to aid its correction. Tips 4 and 5 will be a great help to you and then also start your day with warm water, squeezed lemon, fresh chopped ginger and allow that to brew. This drink will help to boost your digestive fire, which is your stomach acid and will break down your food and absorb the nutrients faster.

Tip 4 Be conscious of your eating habits.
Do you chew your food? Or do you inhale your food? As children, many of us were told to chew our food while eating, we just weren’t told why. It is important to do this because when we chew our food we are breaking it down into smaller particles for the proper absorption of nutrients. If we inhale, the food particles are larger, thus it puts more stress on our digestive system and is harder for us to absorb the nutrients.

Do you eat when you are not hungry and then do you eat until you are full? Despite being told we need to eat a certain number of meals a day; you need to understand that everyone is different and sometimes we can be over-nourishing our body, hence the only way to deal with it is to store it. Eat when you are physically hungry and not just because you think about food. Stop eating when you are feeling satisfied, this can be a fine line with feeling full. If we eat until we feel full then we have eaten too much. There is more to this topic and how to optimise it for yourself, but these points will certainly set you off on the right foot.

Tip 5 Introduce plant-based and/ or vegetarian food-only days.
Plant-based days means you eat nothing that comes from an animal, only from a plant – this is classed as vegan. On vegetarian days, you can have by-products of animals like eggs, milk and cheese, but you just aren’t consuming the flesh of an animal.

Why do I suggest this? Not because it is becoming more popular but because of the health benefits. It provides greater flow in the digestive system, more nutrient density to your meals (this way of eating provides nutrients that can only come from plants not animals. These are called phyto-nutrients which are also potent antioxidants), greater healing properties and is less stressful for your body to process. You only need to start eating like this two to three days a week to start to see the benefits.

Tip 6 Support.
Enlist friends or professionals you trust, who will encourage you in a loving (non-judgmental) way and who empathise with your situation. You do not need people telling you what you should and shouldn’t be doing and making you stress out about it.

As much as you need support from others, you also need to support yourself. This means taking note of how much you judge yourself or how often you criticise your body and yourself. This creates stress hormone increases in the body. Whenever you criticise yourself, it is like a friend coming up and purposefully punching you in the stomach, and that hurts.

What hurts more is not the actual punch but that someone we love, someone close to us has just done something to hurt us. This is what judging ourselves is like. Every time you hear yourself say (aloud or in your mind) something judgmental – visualise that thought and put it in a violet (the colour helps you to focus on it greater) rubbish bag and then burn it in a violet flame fire. Then say to yourself “I now become greater self-love, I now become greater compassion, I now become greater self- acceptance, I now become greater self- worth, I now become greater beauty, I now become greater love.” By practising the retraining of your thought programmes to becoming these more loving programmes you will start to see yourself in a whole different light. You don’t need to do it out loud for anyone else to hear, just do it for yourself.  

Tip 7 Give all that you desire to achieve a self-love purpose.
A self- love purpose is aligning what you are doing with how it positively makes YOU feel (not anyone else, not society, not the media – YOU) and desired positive outcomes. For some examples, say you love dancing –  I will do dancing twice a week as part of my fitness regime. This will provide fun, enjoyment but also exercise. If I am happy doing exercise, then the right hormones are being released. Say you love smoothies – I love smoothies so I will have a fruit and vegetable one every day for breakfast to start my day feeling great but also adding lots of nutrients to my body.

Tip 8 Be patient, let go and trust.
When we desire something so much to happen we can often get frustrated, with it not happening as fast as we like. This frustration will breed self-judgment and I have already touched upon how that doesn’t serve us. Pull yourself back into the present and focus on all the things you have been doing right. Make written notes of your progress and then you can visibly see how well you are going. It makes a difference to you allowing your results to come without force and to continue doing all things out of self-love.

The message to take home from this is that if you are not happy with how you look and feel, then the deeper issue is lack of self- love, lack of self- acceptance and lack of self- worth. When you address this, alongside the physical aspects then the result revealed to you will be your true goddess self and beauty emerging.


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