The power of resistance training

Erin Mascalle and Bridget Boyle

Erin Mascalle and Bridget Boyle

Erin Mascalle has represented Northern Districts in cricket and is also a competitive force to be reckoned with in the sports of kayaking and powerlifting.

Having completed a double major Bachelor of Sport & Leisure and Marketing at Waikato University, the motivated athlete and WBOP U23 women powerlifting champion is a familiar sight at UniRec and is an enthusiast in the benefits of resistance training for women of all ages.

Fitness Journal caught up with Erin, a personal trainer at Get It Fitness, before she heads overseas for fresh adventures.

“Just over five years ago I stepped foot into Unirec gym as a newbie to resistance exercise. I was, and still am, a sport fanatic; I had participated in team sports since I was in my early primary school years. Regular exercise was never an issue for me, but taking up a new component to my exercise regime such as resistance training was. It was a journey I was willing to take and I was determined to see how beneficial it would be to my general health and living as well as the sporting components of my life.

Being a female, I was always sceptical about getting into resistanc- based training due to the many negative ideologies based around it. Comments such as “you will get too buff”, “you will look awfully manly soon enough”, and “it’s for males only” were, and still are, so commonly talked about. Surprisingly and unfortunately there is still a large proportion of the general public who are unaware of the actual benefits of such a fun and exciting training method.

Since adding resistance-based training, initially, as a complementary training method to assist with my team sports I have noticed significant changes to almost every aspect of my life.

So please continue to read as you will discover how implementing resistance-based training changed my life.
–  My joints became stronger and more stabilised
–  I felt livelier and able to achieve more in one day
–  Lifting once heavy and awkward objects has now become a simple task
–  I feel a lot better about myself and self confidence has risen significantly
–  I have noticed general overall toning of my body
–  I get an automatic sense of satisfaction and gratification when I can see my results being achieved and body becoming stronger. Weight being lifted tends to constantly increase.

Every day I try my best to break down the barrier of negative ideolgies about females implementing resistance training into their exercise regime. I want women to understand how effective and benefical it really is for our bodies… mentally and physically.

The benefits are endless and it opens up a new array of exercises to perform, where boredom and training plateaus are never to be seen again.”


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