Prevention is better than cure


top tipsAn apple a day keeps the doctor away – but is that all we need? We know we need our daily intake of water, at least five serves of fruit and vegetables, wholesome food, exercise and sleep.

What else does it take to help prevent seasonal coughs and colds? Your lifestyle and digestion have a definite input. A highly stressful lifestyle will weaken your body systems, including the digestive system where your first defence against bugs begins.

Stress which affects our body systems can have many inroads. Stress is created not just from workloads, finances and juggling home and family time with work time. It can also be what we breathe in. What we touch or put on our skin. What we eat and drink.

An overload of toxins from any or all of the above, together with emotional or physical stress can weaken nerves, adrenals, liver and glands. Weight gain, anxiety and tiredness are just some of the symptoms. This can also weaken your immune system.

The ‘daily apple’ needs a few friends to be effective.

A Vitamin C a day
Vitamin C is not stored in our bodies and when we are fighting daily bugs from our surroundings, your Vitamin C from daily food intake may not be enough. Vitamin C comes in chewable or swallow tabs, powder or gel, at different strengths to allow the whole family to take it. Talk to your natural health team to ascertain which is brand/type is best for your needs. It is a great antioxidant too.

A defence nutrient a day
Many herbal combinations on the market are cold and flu fighters meaning that you take them only when you have the ‘bug’.  Unless you have a long-term immune condition, asking your immune system to ‘fight’ 24/7 is not the way to strengthen your own immunity.

There are foods to support your immune system. High in natural flora are yoghurt and kefir. Eat them daily (do not add sugar).

If this is not enough there are great pro and pre biotics to support in a capsule or easy spray which is ideal for the whole family. Homeopathy also has a great preventative support.

Try Naturopharm: flu guard, a homeopathic preventative taken once weekly throughout winter.
There are also some prevention herbal combinations available.

These are best recommended for you personally as they are all a little different – as we are.


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