Putting athletes in the picture


When it comes to sporting success, so often we measure this by the feats of the athlete, and occasionally the coach; but we rarely think about the many people behind the scenes.

There are a multitude of ‘quiet achievers’ who help promote the sport and thus keep it viable.

Luke LeeHamilton sporting enthusiast Luke Lee may own a creative design and printing business, but he is also a passionate supporter of several sports and individual athletes.

Behind the lens of his cameras, he is renowned for capturing the action and allowing athletes and clubs to promote themselves.

Fitness Journal finds out more.

How and why did you get involved with photography? Having come from a sales background, which involves creativity and quick thinking, you have to use your intelligence and be creative as well as think on your feet.

Having photography under my belt adds to my skill set which is ideal, especially in a creative industry. Also being a photographer means you have an extra medium to further tell the story in photographs.

Why do you feel strongly about supporting local sports clubs and athletes? Waikato is about business helping businesses, and part of this is supporting local communities. It’s also a way to encourage, inspire and show young Kiwi athletes who take part in minor sports such as badminton, boxing etc, that they can be led into achieving greater opportunities.

Badminton3What are the main challenges in sports photography? People are usually active and moving rather quickly, so if you want to document that movement, the challenge is to record those fast defining moments at the right time, while also capturing the enthusiasm of the spectators, fans, and the overall atmosphere.

What aspect do you find the most rewarding? The best part is being able to document memorable sporting moments, which only happen once in a lifetime, and they’re photographs people will remember and can look back on to recall the spirit of that day.

What sports do you support and why? As an 80s kid, growing up I felt rather lucky being able to watch my childhood sports idol Michael Jordan play with the Chicago Bulls.  I also watched a lot of Lin Dan’s badminton games since the Sydney Olympics, and have been involved in badminton around New Zealand as well as with Waikato Badminton Association. I simply like fast paced sports in general.

What is BrainJam and how did it come about? BrainJam is a design and print production company. Behind the scenes within our small team, we each use our creative skill sets and intelligence to do jobs that are normally shared between lots of people within larger corporations. Hence the name ‘BrainJam’.


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