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If you had to hazard a guess at Steve Cleary’s job, odds are you’d never (ever) guess. The athletic muscleman looks like either a personal trainer or a gym-aholic. But while he takes pride in his athletic prowess and is highly competitive, his career is a world away from the discipline of regular and intense workouts.

In fact, for his chosen field of expertise, he needs to be quiet, calm and relaxed – pretty much all of the time, no matter what is going on around him.

Steve is a highly regarded equestrian physio; working with some of New Zealand’s most expensive and talented racehorses, as well as family ponies and sport horses. He is a regular visitor to leading New Zealand racing stables and his services are so much in demand that he could work 24 hours a day, seven days a week – and still not get through all his equine clients. He has developed his own system, using a combination of massage, shiatsu, pressure points, adjustment and stretching.

His background as one of Les Mills’ first personal trainers and his years of training in Shiatsu massage have all been good preparation for his unexpected career move into horses.

savvyWhile Steve is busy keeping equine stars as fit and healthy as possible, he and wife Linsey ensure they also remain in top health. The busy couple not only work together organising Savvy Steve’s (as he is known) regular trips around New Zealand, but they have also developed and run an impressive business based around natural ingredients for horses, and also humans, called Savvy Touch. Oh and then there’s their sporting and business apparel company as well (Reactive Apparel), which they started 15 years ago while living in Auckland.

Now firmly entrenched in Waikato, the pair is set to launch the next phase of their Savvy Touch business, which has come about through an extraordinary demand for their range of equine products.

“We use the best ingredients we can, from New Zealand whenever we can and we keep it all as natural as possible.”

The recognisable bright blue Savvy Touch packaging can be found in a huge variety of equine facilities around New Zealand. But with customers repeatedly using the horse products for themselves, ongoing demand saw the couple develop a human range as well.

“Venture inside these horsey houses, and you’ll find our shampoo in the shower, skin smoothie in the kitchen and the same products out in the stable for the horses.”
It’s a back-to-front scenario to most product success stories. This time humans were the testing ground for animal products.

“We’ve always tested our products on humans before horses,” says Linsey.

The combination of her science degree and Steve’s background in aromatherapy (yes, really), saw them pool their knowledge to develop the Savvy Touch range.

“It was through a need to find products for our own horses,” says Steve. “We wanted something that was synergistic with our lives –not packed with chemicals but instead packed with natural goodness.”
The husband and wife team started out mixing their concoctions in the garage, getting the formulas right before enlisting the help of fellow equestrian enthusiast and pharmacist Katherine Samplonius to help tweak the final products.

“It didn’t take long before people wanted what our horses were getting; from the hoof paste (our horses were barefoot trimmed) to the shiny coats from our shampoo. Even though we developed them for ourselves, the range took off on its own accord.”

The equine range now boasts 10 products and Linsey and Steve are always working on new developments.

“We’re really excited about our Savvy Touch collection for people and we already have athletes and sportspeople clamouring for them.”

The anti-friction balm has proven a godsend for long distance runners, cyclists, rowers and crossfit athletes. Having always cross trained , Steve has recently become a keen crossfit athlete himself, thriving on the challenge of ‘taking on all those young guns’ and developing new skills.  He is set for his first crossfit competition in January; in typical fashion not doing an entry level but entering a three-day event called Judgement Day “just to see where he sits!” Sport and fitness have always played an important role in his life and he has excelled in everything from competitive swimming and rugby to lifesaver and martial arts. Linsey prefers pilates, yoga and swiss ball pilates. Both are keen horse riders.Steve and Linsey are walking advertisements for the effectiveness of their products. Steve is also an ardent fan of his own Liquid Eze Breathe, likening it to ‘a hit of rocket fuel before you work out’.

We’ve always tested our products on humans before horses.

Other performance products include a cooling gel which has proven to be incredible on arthritis and muscular issues.

“We have clients in their 80s who swear it has changed their life and sportspeople are raving about the benefits.  With ‘layers’ of essential oils designed to rip inflammation out and reduce swelling, it is amazing for joint soreness, arthritic pain or sports injuries. It’s basically TLC in a bottle.”

And with most Kiwi athletes venturing into the great outdoors regularly for their training, Savvy Touch sun block boasts a base of mango butter with healing calendula, active manuka honey and an SPF30.
“We use the best ingredients we can, from New Zealand whenever we can and we keep it all as natural as possible.”Savvytouchpack

The Savvy Touch range is available online at

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