Soap Nutters


soap2When it comes to Waikato women making a splash, one Hamilton family is helping keep Hamilton squeaky clean.

The self confessed soap nutters are a quartet of sisters (Alex, Kathryn, Sarah and Felicity) with mum Mary Fear; and together they have created Wouldn’t Know ‘em from a Bar of Soap Co; a delicious collection of hand made soap goodness with tempting flavours  including Florences’s Garden (all natural luxury hydrating soap), mild chamomile baby soap, salt bars, soap shampoo bars, Dirty Dog soap (for dogs not men), and activated charcoal blocks. And that’s just the beginning.

Made with love (and a healthy dose of fun) here in Hamilton, the soaps have no artificial colours, no detergents and are not tested on animals (except for the Dirty Dog bar); just pure natural goodness.

soap3Ringleader of the group, Kathryn had been making her own natural soaps for years, and finally in 2015 the rest of the family decided they were too good not to share.

Using only the best ingredients from Mother Nature, the soaps are hand made in small batches. Other ingredients include rich oils, natural clays and botanicals with essential oils for scent.

Available at Tamahere Country Market, as well as Waikato stores such as Our Story, Country Providore, Miss Daisy, More than Pots,Walton St and Shipshape; the collection has gathered something of a cult following.

It’s all good clean fun.


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