Stress-free wedding preparation


Wedding season is now in full swing. When organising one of the most important days of your life, trying to keep stress-free can be a challenge! Using exercise as an outlet for stress, while helping to ‘tone up’ for the big day is a win-win situation.

Exercise releases neuro-transmitters called endorphins which are known to improve mood and make us feel happy, meaning regular workouts during wedding season might be exactly what you need to stay relaxed.

Check out the tips below to getting in shape without fad diets or back-breaking workouts.

1. Book an appointment with a personal trainer for you and your partner and have them write a programme tailored to suit your needs, schedule and goals. Four hour-long sessions per week incorporating 30 minutes of weight training alongside 30 minutes of cardio will be ideal.

2. Aim to achieve 30 minutes of light to moderate intensity exercise during your daily routine. This can be something easily achievable, such as a lunch break walk or stretching while watching TV. Such exercise is important for both your mental and physical wellbeing and should be some thing enjoyable which allows your body to move. Think walking the dog, playing with your kids, roller blading or social sport.

3. Include postural stretches and exercises in your programme. This will be reflected in your photos with good posture – shoulders back, chest up and head and neck in alignment with your spine. You don’t want a slouched and rounded back in your wedding photos. Exercises such as stretching your chest, lat pulldowns, bent over rows and chin tucks are suitable. Also, be sure to practise good posture at work and at home. Sit upright often when you think of it and use the traffic lights when driving your car as a trigger to remind you to check your posture.


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