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hair products 2Healthy glossy hair is top of the wish list for summer – but not so easy to achieve. Award-winning Hamilton hair stylist Ann Marie Young shares her top tips for summer hair.

During the summer months we all want healthy, glossy hair. However, just like skin, your hair dehydrates and needs constant attention. Hair dries out with the sun’s harsh rays and will break from lack of moisture and protein.

There are a number of ways you can help your hair retain its natural moisture and provide some extra care to combat the heat and stress of summer activities.

The most common mistake in summer is not ‘blocking out the sun’, so use sunblock on your hair or cover with a hat or scarf.

If you are at the beach, don’t shampoo as often. Try using a dry shampoo on the roots and a leave-in treatment on mid-lengths and ends.

Protect colour with professional products, especially if you are going lighter. A new product used by hairdressers when colouring is called Olaplex. It is designed to link the broken bonds in the hair back together during and after the chemical service to improve condition and make hair stronger than before. It can also be used as a permanent repair treatment.

If using hot tools, apply a heat protector and make sure your hair is completely dry before continuing.

Five tips

  1. Cover with a hat, or block out the harsh rays with a sunblock
  2. Treat your hair to regular salon treatments such as Keratin Blow out, which lasts up to eight weeks
  3. Use leave-in treatments such as ‘Potion 9’ or ‘Taming Elixir’ from Sebastian Professional, comb from ends to roots to prevent further damage
  4. Have a well-balanced diet to maintain good healthy hair
  5. Have a professional colour to keep hair in its best possible condition and to avoid further damage. Colour such as luminous illumina by Wella helps reflect the shimmer of natural healthy hair without the dryness and damage colouring can cause.

tips styling hair




  • Use a spritz of Trilliant from Sebastian Professional through mid-lengths and ends for protection and shine.
  • If curly, twist hair and leave to dry naturally.
  • For long straight hair, make four plaits, allow to dry and set, then undo plaits and rake hair with fingers to create a beach effect.
  • Short hair – cover with a light styling product, allow to dry naturally and apply dry shampoo for volume and texture.

Summer frizzies

  • Shield hair from the watery atmosphere warmer weather brings, with a cream, emulsifying into the hands and applying to the hair, for even application.
  • Use a hydrating shampoo and  conditioner.

Ann Marie YoungAbout Ann
Boasting three decades in the business of hairdressing and hairstyling, Ann Marie Young, owner of Jingles, still loves her trade with a passion. Having trained originally in England, where she completed her apprenticeship in the late 1970s, she moved to New Zealand and continued to grow her knowledge and qualifications, including trichology. She has won numerous awards along the way but the greatest pleasure she gets from hairdressing is being personally involved with her clients. “Hair is one of our most personal forms of self- expression, an intrinsic part of our individuality and identity. I love working in this sector”.


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