Superfood Spotlight: Sacha Inchi


As our exploration of superfoods continues, this month we put Sacha Inchi under the spotlight. The name may not mean much, but Sacha Inchi is rocking the superfood world.

Available in seed, powder and oil form, this Peruvian superfood is considered one of the most complete plant sources of both essential and non-essential amino acids.

Also known as sacha peanut, mountain peanut or Inca-peanut, it grows in the Amazon Rainforest where it has been cultivated by indigenous people for centuries.

With heart shaped, serrated leaves, the fruit is a green capsule which ripens blackish brown. The seeds are similar to almonds and are inedible raw, but roasting after shelling makes them very palatable.

Sacha Inchi seeds and Sacha Inchi protein powder are considered a low allergenic all natural single ingredient food; a good substitute for people who develop sensitivity/irritation from whey protein and other highly processed protein powders.

The Sacha Inchi Oil is also known as Inca Inchi Oil (Almond of the Incas). It is one of the most nutritious, healthy oils on the planet and has antioxidants, all eight factors of Vitamin E, and other nutritional factors which make it the premium oil of our time.

The Inca Inchi brand of Sacha Inchi Oil has won gold medals at the European Food Fair in France for best new culinary oil. Its mild, nutty flavour is rapidly becoming a favourite among food lovers around the world.

It can be used in much the same way as you would use extra virgin olive oil – in salad dressings, vinaigrettes, on vegetables, pasta and as a dipping sauce.

Sacha Inchi has more than 48 percent omega-3s by volume – with more than 84 percent total essential fatty acids.

Add to the mix Sacha Inchi’s other fats and amino acids, and you have an oil that’s more than 93 percent in healthy fats by volume. “Good” fats that power up your heart, brain, eyes, joints, bones, and more.

And of all the oils known to man, the proteins and nutrients in Sacha Inchi are the easiest to digest. This means your body gets the benefits quickly and easily – with maximum absorption.

Sacha Inchi is an incredible, natural, chemical-free source of protein, amino acids, nutrients and omegas. It is ideal for body-builders, athletes and vegetarians and is possibly the most potent non-animal food known to man. You get all this goodness but no high temperature processing, deodorising, preservatives or additives. All the contents in Sacha Inchi are formulated and balanced by nature – that’s why Sacha Inchi is so highly (99 percent) digestible and easy to take – there’s not even any flavour added. It has a great nutty taste all on its own. Remember your body only gets as much protein as you digest, the rest gets wasted. Kilo for kilo that makes Sacha Inchi the most efficient protein powder on the market.

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