How to survive Christmas and New Year – naturally


Christmas and New Year is a continuous feast of food, food, glorious food. Not to mention for many of us – the enjoyment of some (or more) alcoholic beverages.The only thing to burst our bubble during the festive season is ‘the day after’ and the detox or weight loss necessary after the fact.

Could there be a way to minimise damage to our livers? Be awake and full of energy at the breaking of a new summer’s day? Not to gain the kilos, but enjoy the meals?

Yes you could abstain. But there is a way to get the best of both worlds during the festive season – naturally.  (Or any other big event/party where you would like to enjoy by partaking a little more than you would normally).

The ingredients are:
•  Water
•  Minerals/green foods
•  Garcinia Cambodia
•  Nux Vomica
•  Mineral Clay

Keeping hydrated is a fundamental way to keep good health. Alcohol, coffee and black tea deplete water from our bodies. Kidneys and bladders cope better with toxicity when the body is hydrated. Also you are not as thirsty when you’re hydrated – a great way to drink less alcohol.

Drink a glass of water before every cup of coffee and tea; before and between alcoholic drinks; and before meals. This way you are not as hungry or thirsty, so you drink and eat less. Your body will also cope better with alcohol when you are hydrated.

TIP: Leave a carafe of water with lemon slices or fruit infused on the table to make drinking water more enjoyable.

Minerals/Green foods
Water is not the only thing which is removed from our bodies with alcohol. Nutrients are as well. When you wake up with that hangover, the body is craving hydration through water and minerals/electrolytes. One way to prevent this is to have a protein shake before bed.

Add some green foods for high nutrient absorption; your body will thank you for it. If the effects of the night before are still present in the morning drink water with a little squirt of lemon juice – this alkalises your digestive system – and drink another smoothie packed full of protein – green foods and antioxidants.

If making a smoothie isn’t possible, many green energy foods and super antioxidant foods are available in tablets or capsules. These are great for convenience.

TIP: Many electrolytes or ready-made smoothies off the shelf are very high in refined sugar or low in nutrient dose – choose the right brand. Check your health store.

Garcinia Cambodia
When you would like to enjoy the menu, but your diet/training plan says you cannot – use Garcinia Cambodia. This is taken before the meal, in capsule form, and stops you feeling as hungry – so you do not eat as much. Think of using a protein smoothie before the meal as this is easily absorbed. This way you will not be as hungry and still get your nutrition.

TIP: A smaller plate and chewing slowly is another way to be able to enjoy many of the foods you love without eating too much of them per serve.

Nux Vomica
Nux Vomica is a homeopathic remedy and is important to have in your first aid kit. Nux Vomica is the remedy to use for over indulgence. When you have eaten too late or too much and you are feeling your body is not able to break down the food you have eaten. If you have drunk too much and your stomach is queasy – take Nux Vomica.

TIP: Nux Vomica is also the remedy to take when you wake at 3am and cannot get back to sleep due to too much ‘mind talk’.

Mineral clay
Our Southern Alps have the most wonderful secret, a clay that when taken internally supports detoxification and has a lot of minerals to help nurture your body. Take as recommended before bed.

TIP: When you body is hydrated and has enough nutrition you not only feel better with more energy, but your skin, hair and nails look better too.

My recommendation is to enjoy, but not to over indulge. Know your limits. Water and serving sizes will make this easier for you to achieve.


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