Top five tips for fitness success


We’ve all made promises to ourselves about shaping up, getting fit, and taking better care of our health. But those promises are hard to keep. What’s the secret to success? We asked the team at the new Les Mills in Victoria St for their top tips.

FALL IN LOVE. FIND AN ACTIVITY YOU ENJOY. That’s the advice of Sheldon Macdonald, club manager. “When we built this brand new club we wanted to offer heaps of great activities. Research shows that if you enjoy your workout you’re much more likely to build a habit.” No more pretending that you love running, if you don’t. The purpose built facility has a state of the art weights gym, a massive studio for group fitness, cycling studio, boxing gear and the all the latest cardio equipment including treadmills and rowers. The variety means you can try different things and find something that makes you happy, and gets you results.

SAFETY IN NUMBERS. It turns out that exercising with other people gives you a boost. Coming into a busy club like Les Mills gives you energy and makes you feel like you’re not on your own. With a full team of experts you can get all the guidance you need to establish with a programme that will work for you. Group Fitness is perfect for tapping into the powerful energy of the group, according to Jo Archibald, the group fitness manager. ‘The music is super motivating and when you come along with a friend you’re more likely to keep going.’

EASY DOES IT. There’s a temptation to go hard out when you first start, but Alistair Richardson, personal training manager recommends taking a gentle approach. “Start with 15 minutes, then try 20 minutes, and before you know it you’ll build up to exercising regularly.” Little and often is the best way to start.

GET ON WITH IT. We all put up barriers, come up with great excuses, and tell ourselves that we’ll start ‘on Monday’. The best day to start is today. Les Mills is encouraging people to get fit for free with every Sunday in April and May being free for everyone to come and try what’s on offer. You don’t need to get fit before you try the gym. Try the gym to get fit.

SHORT, SHARP, SORTED. The final tip is all about intensity. Once you’re underway the best thing you can do to get maximum results in minimum time is try Les Mills GRIT. High Intensity Interval Training is the latest way to get into amazing shape. 30 minutes of full on interval training where you work at high intensity to spike your heart rate, burn fat and get super fit, super fast.

Les Mills has been the leading club in Hamilton for more than 25 years. If it’s time for you to try these top five tips for fitness success, call Les Mills today: 0800 LES MILLS.



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