Top wedding day tips


Ensuring your skin is at optimal health on your wedding day begins at least six months before the big day.


1. Assess and plan early – Allow yourself enough time to plan your beauty treatments.  Begin with a full skin assessment with a reputable and trusted therapist and/ or cosmetic physician.

2. Makeup – Bridal and special occasion makeup is a specialist area of makeup artistry. The makeup you use is the secret to ensuring your skin looks luminous and radiant. Consult and book a makeup artist that will work with you to achieve the desired look. Always have a practice run. Eyebrows/ lashes etc.

3. Home skin care regime – Hit the skin gym – if you don’t already have one, now is the time to begin an at home skin care regime. This will prepare and support you in clinic treatments, while also taking care of any problem areas you may have.

4. In clinic facial treatments – professional facials and treatments will boost the at-home regime and assist with areas of concern.  Consider injectable treatments such as wrinkle relaxers to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and dermal fillers to restore or enhance volume and facial harmony.

5. Diet/ internal wellness – diet and internal wellness plays a crucial part in your overall appearance. Being well nourished and hydrated produces beautiful radiant skin, hair and nails. Drink enough water to keep your body toxin-free, eat a balanced diet consisting of fruit, green vegetables, and protein.

6. Exercise – Many brides want to lose weight or tone up before their wedding day. Avoid crash dieting or aggressive gym schedules. These can make you look very tired and stressed. For a toned figure, consult a dietitian and personal trainer. Start working out at least four months before the wedding to achieve effective weight loss, especially in problem areas like tummy and thighs.

7. Overall body preparation – It’s not only your face that requires care and attention to look good on your wedding day. Exfoliate and moisturise your skin, maintain your feet and hands with regular manicure and pedicures. Ensure your hair removal regime is regular; you may want to consider permanent hair removal treatments such as IPL.

8. Sleep and relaxation – Sleep is an absolute must before the wedding. Lack of sleep can give you dark circles. A radiant skin, but with dark circles under the eyes, will not look good in your photos. Have a massage, take a yoga class and view these as essential, not a luxury.  Breathe and relax.

9. Tanning – To tan or not to tan? Once you make the decision, find a reputable tanning salon and always discuss with them the depth of tan you want. Always have a spray tan test run before the big day.

10. Oral health – Your smile is your best accessory on your wedding day.  Make an appointment with your dental hygienist and dentist for teeth whitening and a checkup.

11. Hair – Hair styling and colour are very important. Book a hair consultation three to six months before your wedding to discuss your vision, style and colour. Make an appointment for the wedding day.  

Most importantly, enjoy and savour the journey!!


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