Use natural health the right way


Natural health is not a one size fits all. For example, vitamin B is what the body needs more of during times of stress. As it is water soluble, the body does not store it. But when you take a Vitamin B Complex, everyone may not experience the same results..

Vitamin B can help with many aspects, but basically supports the effect of nerves and stress on the body. The body needs more of these vitamins when you are under stress.

This leads to the conclusion that everyone needs more B vitamins and minerals like magnesium when they are stressed.

So why does this not support everyone’s needs to the full? Results may alter when more is going on. You may have low adrenals or might not be sleeping well (or both). These are just two symptoms that a B Complex alone might not cover.

This is why we need to ask questions such as what is your daily diet and do you exercise? As natural health professionals, we base our advice on your personal lifestyle and needs. It isn’t just diet and exercise which lead to total wellbeing. Consider whether you are happy? And are you sleeping?

If your diet is not adequate – herbs, nutrients and homeopathy can be taken to support times of physical, mental or emotional stress. They can be added alongside a good diet to support you when things are down.

This is why it is so important to look after yourself when times are hard. Your body under stress needs more nurture and easily absorbed nutrition, as well as downtime like sleep and happy time doing the things you love.

Because it is harder to maintain all these things when you are stressed, natural health support can help make it a bit easier to get through and recover.

However, it can get very confusing. Which brand? What dosage? This is where the expertise of a health professional can be highly valuable.

To support wellbeing, naturopaths will recommend a small therapeutic dose of the recommended ingredient regularly throughout your day. This is what has been studied to be the amount your body needs per dose.

For example 1500mg of Glucosamine was tested on athletes with acute injuries. If you take a lot less, often it will not get you more results than taken regularly at the correct dosage.

This concept applies to many herbs and nutrients.

If you are feeling and seeing results from a high dosage product at one a day – then keep on doing what you are doing. But if not – you may need a smaller dose – more often.

Different brands have different approaches. Some may go for the very high once a day approach, while others are designed for a smaller amount a few times day.

If you are sensitive, your digestive tract may not tolerate large amounts and you may need a different approach.

We find the best rule is that if you are not getting results – or the results you expected, then talk to someone who has a good knowledge and the therapeutic training to give you the right advice.

Results are based on recommending the right product in the right dosage and there should be noticeable results if your body has the capacity to recover and regenerate. That is what herbs, homeopathy and nutrition is for – to support your body to do the work yourself.

Your diet should not come out of a pill bottle. With the right advice, the correct herb, homeopathic remedy or nutrient could support your own body to work through a difficult time beside your diet. This includes recovery from an injury, stress, sleeplessness, immunity and fatigue.

Listen to your body and ask questions about the symptoms your body is showing. Take note of any sudden change, extreme fatigue, weight gain or loss, or something as simple as a twitching eye. Your body tells you when it is lacking or in need.

There are also simple tests you can take. A Zinc test* is a simple tasting – your taste buds will ‘tell’ you if you need more or not. Liver tea* is another simple taste test that will allow your taste buds to taste for digestive wellbeing. Hair analysis* is easy and quick to show wellbeing and support systems. Hair analysis show three months of information. Think of tree rings as a basic example. Hair analysis can also show deficiency, diet, allergies etc.

*(All these tests need to be taken with the correct products and a qualified consultant).

These tools are helpful as a guide to the right nutrition, as is the training and knowledge of the person you are talking to.

Natural health works – and is a great way to support your diet and wellbeing needs. Use the products and expertise available to be the best you can be.


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