Water babes


Be a water babe this summer and enjoy everything from swimming to relaxing in the sunshine, with these fantastic swimwear options.

We’ve picked some of our favourites…


1 Flower Power with Zoggs Bloom twinback (swimt3.co.nz)

2 Stand out from the crowd in colourful watershort trunks (funkytrunks.com)

3 Show your goddess curves in this Funkita Virginia ruched one piece (funkita.com)

4 Get your Tribal Vibe on (amanziswimwear.com)

5 Dreamcatcher delight – powerful and vibrant (amanziswimwear.com)

6 Be a human kaleidoscope in Funky Trunks (funkytrunks.com)

7 Sunshine yellow rules with Moontide Chide (bluedude.co.nz)



8 Rubiks Runner design Funky Trunks (funkytrunks.com)

9 Be sleek like a panther in this Arena  polycarbonate design (swimt3.co.nz)

10 Designed to cater for mastectomy pocketing and in sizes from 10-22 this Funkita Form is the ultimate in versatile (funkita.com)

11 Take a walk on the wild side and rock this Funkita  Zorse design (funkita.com)

12 Be racy with purrfection (funkita.com)

13 There’s no ruffling these feathers with Zoggs aquaback feather design (swimt3.co.nz)


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