Well established hair loss clinic expands into Waikato


If you’re suffering from hair loss and looking for a solution, SRS Hair Clinic is your go-to answer.

For the past 25 years, men, women and children have depended on the expertise of SRS Hair Clinic to maintain their crowning glory.

The scientific methods and natural treatments are currently achieving results for 85 percent of patients seeking to reduce hair loss and restore hair growth.

Your first port of call should be to attend one of the unique hair analysis consultations. This is specific to you and is the first step to re-growing a healthy head of hair.

SRS is expanding with new clinics in Waikato and Bay of Plenty. The business now employs four consultants and a total of 10 staff. The Waikato clinic is now open at Anglesea Clinic in Hamilton.

Ravi Narayan (pictured) is one of SRS’s many happy clients. He worked (as a stunt double in the movie ‘The Hobbit’) and is delighted with the outcome from his SRS experience.

“I found out so much about my hair problem that nobody had ever told me before. They really make an effort to educate the client, and I felt like I fully understood exactly what was going on.  ”The product is fantastic. The Healthy Hair Tonic is so simple to use. Just apply it twice a day and then let it work its magic.”

SRS Hair Clinic is offering half price consultations at just $25 for a limited time. All prepaid consultations are fully redeemable when starting treatment.

If there is anyone else out there suffering from hair loss problems, you simply must go and see these guys at SRS. Go on their website first and read up on who they are and how they approach the problem,” recommends Ravi.

To book a consultation, call 0800 348 616 or visit www.srsharclinic.co.nz


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