Why take a supplement?


Why would we need to take supplements? We have our diet full of nutrition and clean water from the tap. So let’s go through the reasons when you could need some help with your nutrition.

Our bodies are made to deal with stress in short duration. Scientifically our bodies are not designed to be in a stressful situation for more that 24 to 48 hours. Through our fight or flight mechanism and with breathing and mind work., this is not always enough if the stress is long-term or excessive. High stress levels will over time affect our emotions. Sleep and eating patterns can also be affected.

The nervous system and adrenals will be overstretched and depleted. It is difficult to eat light high energy foods when you are feeling emotional and unhappy. And this is what your body needs when you are busy with emotional and physical excess.

Make use of smoothies and whole food powders. Add B complex nutrients, Magnesium and herbs recommended for stress. Get the right information to suit your needs.  When you take a nutrient that you need in the right dosage – you should notice results.

High performance
Whether you are coping with the demands of working all day, giving your time and energy to family and friends, or you are a high performing athlete or sporting enthusiast, some of us cope better than others. If you are tired all the time and finding you always catch whatever bug is around and not bouncing back from those bouts, then you may need some extra support.

What you need will depend on the diet, lifestyle and body requirements you have personally. You could add certain whole foods to your smoothie or take a supplement that supports your body’s needs. Always get advice and take as recommended by a trusted natural health advisor. Natural Health works – with the right advice.

Bugs are always around us and normally with a few symptoms we have the natural capacity to fight them off. When our bodies need a little help, it is important to give them the correct nutrients to support.
•    Keep a high grade honey in your pantry. Add some lemons and you have a wonderful bug fighter. Always have them available.
•    Echinacea/Echinacea combinations. There have been so many studies done on this wonderful herb.
•    Keep yourself hydrated.
•    Take a daily preventative. There are some lovely daily supports available. My favourites are Biostrath; Immunity Fuel; Neem Powder or Bentonite Clay. All these are nutritious natural foods (and 1x clay from our own southern alps) and easy to take next to a good diet. Find out which one is best for you.

•    sugary drinks
•    white sugar and white flour in high amounts.
•    excessive alcohol
•    instant foods
Listen to your body. There will be symptoms that tell you what needs attention. For example: twitching or cramping could be that your body needs more magnesium. It could be that simple. So when your body continually shows the following symptoms:
•     you are always tired with no reason.
•    you lose/gain weight and nothing else has changed. You are often sad or depressed or over reacting to small events.
•    Headaches, fevers, twitching or cramping.
•    Bloating, fluid retention or constipation.

Don’t wait – get advice. Always talk to your health specialist and take as directed.


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