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Aotea Tonics offer a truly authentic taste of New Zealand. The collection is made by brewing native herbs and leaves sourced sustainably from Great Barrier Island (Aotea), with manuka honey from local hives.    Founder Tama Toki grew up on Great Barrier Island. His is childhood memories revolve around pots of kawakawa or kumarahou simmering on is grandmother’s woodstove. With family recipes for various remedies and medicines passed on down through the generations, he was inspired by these traditions to create Aotea Tonics. “We make your tonics like you’d make a tonic at home,” he says. “That is, by brewing the real herbs, leaves, roots, adding a twist of fresh citrus, and about a teaspoon of manuka honey to finish. There are no fake flavours, concentrates, preservatives or processed sugars.” Flavours include Kawakawa & Peppermint (traditionally used to soothe the stomach); Tea Tree & Hibiscus (to support focus and clear the head); Horopito & Liquorice (blended to help chill and de-stress), and more.

Now you can chill out in 2017 with a hit of pure New Zealand goodness.


Enter to win one of three four-packs featuring each of the Aotea flavours.

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