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When Janelle Hope sets her mind to a task, she pursues it with determination and tenacity. The vivacious and active mum is the mind behind the popular yoga apparel website

Combining her passion for fashion, movement and comfort, Flip Your Dog also reflects her sense of joy and colour.

Growing up (in Hawke’s Bay), Janelle was immersed in the world of dance. Her life revolved around competitions, choreography and exams in ballet, modern dance, tap dancing and contemporary. Having completed all of her modern dance grades by the age of 16, she was accepted into the Wellington School of Dance only to choose completing her degree in Psychology and Education over it.

Extensive global travel and working in the film and television industry before having her two daughters saw Janelle step up her interest in yoga.

“I noticed so many people wearing plain black and so began my discovery for brighter more interesting prints. I came across Teeki and Liquido Active and thought ‘great I’ll get me some’ only to find they weren’t readily available in New Zealand, which I thought was crazy. “So I set about  finding a way to bring these gorgeous activewear brands and more to New Zealand and dress myself at the same time.”
Flip Your Dog (named after a yoga movement) was the result and the website offers a tasty array of yoga and athletic wear.

Fitness Journal caught up with Janelle for a quick insight into her lifestyle.

How do you relax?  
With a juicy Yin Yoga class and a lovely snuggle into bed with a really good TV series. I also love a hot bath with epsom salts.

What is your favourite pick-me-up meal?
I love my brekkies. This is the most important meal of the day for me and I make a batch on Sunday afternoons and put them in the fridge in grab and go snaplock containers. Chia Lucuma Pudding with cocount yoghurt, cacao nibs, blueberries, raspberries, and toasted cashews, sunflower, and pumpkin seeds.  Mmmm. Such a power packed punch of nutrients, protein, and minerals for the day. Last night after dinner I was still a bit hungry so I grabbed one of these and boom, instant satiation.  Another quick fix is protein and green veg smoothies in our Nutri Bullet.  This contraption is a must have.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your business?
I love seeing women take the plunge from black into bright bold beautiful prints and once they’ve gone there they can’t go back. I love the connections I make with other women around the country – much of the business is chatting, emailing and answering questions and helping women find styles and sizes that suit them.  I find it really rewarding to offer and be recognised for great customer service and relationship building.  Life is all about relationships and if you don’t have engagement with your customers then you just become faceless and I’m not about that.

Describe your attitude to fitness and wellness?
I think it’s really important to find balance.  For me personally my body and nervous system weren’t made to be go go go and run ultra marathons.  It’s important to find balance.  I love Yang yoga (Vinyasa) but I need to also practise Yin (restorative) to keep me balanced.  I also have just begun practising more meditation.  Meditation and medication are only one letter apart, I find that really interesting.   I eat only certified free range or organic meat and eggs, minimal dairy, low sugar, low gluten, and zero alcohol – this works for me and I really notice when I have gone off kilter and indulged in something and I need to pull myself into balance.  Also SLEEP. So important to being able to function with small kids, a household, a business, and full-time film work.

What advice do you give to people wanting to exercise in comfort?
Find your size and style.  I ask women to send me their height and weight and I am able to size them from here. We have a really flexible returns policy because I know what it’s like to shop online. Once you have found your style stick with it – make sure you feel comfortable around your tummy and when you try on an item be sure to do lots of squats and bounce around the house to check they don’t slip down.  Nothing like having to pick and pluck at your clothing.  In my 20s I would have worn anything uncomfortable so long as it looked fabulous – now 40 and fabulously comfortable is my motto.


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